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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess1992Cis-element combinations determine phenylalanine ammonia-lyase gene tissue-specific expression patternsLeyva, antonio; Liang, X.; Pintor-Toro, José Antonio; Dixon, Ray; Lamb, C. J.
openAccess2010Intruder negative-parity states of neutron-rich Si33Wang, Z.M.; Chapman, R.; Liang, X.; Haas, Fabian; Bouhelal, M.; Azaiez, F.; Behera, B. R.; Burns, M.; Caurier, E.; Corradi, L., et al
openAccess14-May-2010Migration of Nuclear Shell Gaps Studied in the d(Ne-24, p gamma)Ne-25 ReactionCaballero Ontanaya, Luis; Rubio, Berta; Catford, W. N.; Timis, C. N.; Lemmon, R. C.; Labiche, M.; Orr, N. A.; Fernández-Domínguez, B.; Chapman, R.; Freer, M., et al
closedAccess16-Jan-2007Single particle structure of exotic nuclei with transfer reactionsFernández-Domínguez, B.; Lemmon, R. C.; Timis, C. N.; Labiche, M.; Catford, W. N.; Chartier, M.; Ashwood, N. I.; Amzal, N.; Baldwin, T. D.; Burns, M., et al
openAccess22-Mar-2010Spectroscopy of neutron-rich Dy-168,Dy-170: Yrast band evolution close to the NpNn valence maximumAlgora, Alejandro; Gadea, Andrés; Soderstrom, P. -A.; Nyberg, J.; Regan, P. H.; De Angelis, G.; Ashley, S. F.; Aydin, S.; Bazzacco, D.; Casperson, R. J., et al
openAccess11-Mar-2010TIARA: A large solid angle silicon array for direct reaction studies with radioactive beamsRubio, Berta; Caballero Ontanaya, Luis; Labiche, M.; Catford, W. N.; Lemmon, R. C.; Timis, C. N.; Chapman, R.; Orr, N. A.; Fernández-Domínguez, B.; Moores, G., et al