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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccessFeb-2006Cross-site Comparison of Variability of DOC and Nitrate c–q Hysteresis during the Autumn–winter Period in Three Mediterranean Headwater Streams: A Synthetic ApproachButturini, Andrea; Gallart Gallego, Francesc; Latrón, J.; Vazquez, Eusebi; Sabater, Francesc
closedAccess1-Jul-2010Effects of sample and grid size on the accuracy and stability of regression-based snow interpolation methodsLópez-Moreno, Juan I.; Latrón, J.; Lehmann, Anthony
openAccess2008Forests and Their Hydrological Effects in Mediterranean Mountains - The Case of the Central Spanish PyreneesSerrano Muela, M. P.; Lana-Renault, N.; Nadal-Romero, E.; Regüés-Muñoz, D.; Latrón, J.; Martí Bono, Carlos Enrique; García-Ruiz, José María
closedAccess1-Sep-2007Frequency–magnitude relationships for precipitation, stream flow and sediment load events in a small Mediterranean basin (Vallcebre basin, Eastern Pyrenees)Soler, M.; Regüés-Muñoz, D.; Latrón, J.; Gallart Gallego, Francesc
openAccess2010Instalación y uso de un colchón de nieve para la monitorización del manto de nieve. Cuenca Experimental de Izas (Pirineo Central)López-Moreno, Juan I.; Alvera, Bernardo; Latrón, J.; Fassnacht, S. R.
openAccessSep-2009Sediment balance in four small catchments with differeint land cover in the Central Pyrenees (Spain)Nadal-Romero, E.; Lana-Renault, N.; Serrano Muela, M. P.; Regüés-Muñoz, D.; Alvera, Bernardo; Latrón, J.; Martí Bono, Carlos Enrique; García-Ruiz, José María
closedAccess30-Dec-2007Streamflow response and water-table dynamics in a sub-Mediterranean research catchment (Central Pyrenees)Lana-Renault, N.; Latrón, J.; Regüés-Muñoz, D.
closedAccess15-May-2008Temporal distribution of suspended sediment transport in a humid Mediterranean badland area: The Araguás catchment, Central PyreneesNadal-Romero, E.; Latrón, J.; Martí Bono, Carlos Enrique; Regüés-Muñoz, D.
openAccess2010Variability of snow density measurements in the Río Esera Valley, Pyrenees Mountains, SpainFassnacht, S. R.; Heun, C. M.; López-Moreno, Juan I.; Latrón, J.