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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1995Age related differences in biometrics and body condition in a Spanish Population of Alpine Swift (Apus melba)Tella, José Luis; Gortázar, Christian; López, Rafael; Osácar, J.J.Artículo
Nov-2003New applications of light and electron microscopic techniques for the study of microbiological inclusion in amberAscaso, Carmen; Wierzchos, Jacek; Corral, J. Carmelo; López, Rafael; Alonso, JesúsArtículo
Apr-2010Optimizing early flowering and pre-selection for short juvenile period in olive seedlingsMoreno Alías, Inmaculada; Rapoport, Hava F.; López, Rafael; León, Lorenzo; Rosa, R. de laArtículo

Showing results 1 to 3 of 3