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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
20-Jul-2006Macroscopic description of particle systems with non-local density-dependent diffusivity.López, CristóbalArtículo
Oct-2014Minimal mechanisms for vegetation patterns in semiarid regionsMartínez-García, Ricardo; Calabrese, Justin; Hernández-García, Emilio; López, CristóbalPre-print
2-Sep-2004Mixing structures in the Mediterranean Sea from Finite-Size Lyapunov Exponentsd'Ovidio, Francesco; Fernández, Vicente; Hernández-García, Emilio; López, CristóbalArtículo
1998Molecular variability of the 5'- and 3'-terminal regions of citrus tristeza virus RNALópez, Cristóbal; Ayllón, M. A.; Navas-Castillo, J.; Guerri, J.; Moreno, P.; Flores, R.Artículo
2000Multifractal structure of chaotically advected chemical fieldsNeufeld, Zoltan; López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, Emilio; Tél, T.Artículo
15-Jan-2007Multiple time-scale approach for a system of Brownian particles in a non-uniform temperature fieldLópez, Cristóbal; Marini Bettolo Marconi, UmbertoArtículo
13-Jun-2005Numerical studies of an interacting particle system and its deterministic descriptionHernández-García, Emilio; López, CristóbalArtículo
Jul-2012Oceanic three-dimensional Lagrangian Coherent Structures: A study in the Benguela upwelling region.Bettencourt, João H.; López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, EmilioPre-print
26-Mar-2014Optimal search in interacting populations: Gaussian jumps versus Lévy flightsMartínez-García, Ricardo; Calabrese, Justin; López, CristóbalArtículo
14-Jun-2013Optimizing the search for resources by sharing information: Mongolian gazelles as a case studyMartínez-García, Ricardo; Calabrese, Justin; Mueller, Thomas; Olson, Kirk A.; López, CristóbalArtículo
1999Photonic crystals for laser actionLópez, Cristóbal; Blanco, Andreu; Míguez, H.; Meseguer, FranciscoArtículo
2-Aug-2007Plankton blooms in vortices: The role of biological and hydrodynamic time scalesSandulescu, Mathias; López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, Emilio; Feudel, UlrikeArtículo
2001Population dynamics advected by chaotic flows: a discrete-time map approachLópez, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, Emilio; Piro, Oreste; Vulpiani, AngeloArtículo
2010Preface "nonlinear processes in oceanic and atmospheric flows"Mancho, Ana M.; Wiggins, Stephen; Turiel, Antonio; García-Ladona, Emilio; López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, EmilioArtículo
1999Rayleigh-wave attenuation by a semi-infinite two-dimensional elastic-band-gap crystalMeseguer, Francisco; Holgado, M.; Caballero, D.; Benaches, N.; Sánchez-Dehesa, J.; López, Cristóbal; Llinares, J.Artículo
31-Oct-2003Reaction-Diffusion systems: front propagation and spatial structuresCencini, Massimo; López, Cristóbal; Vergni, DavideCapítulo de libro
1-Aug-2002The role of diffusion in the chaotic advection of a passive scalar with finite lifetimeLópez, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, EmilioArtículo
2-Dec-2013Sea surface transport in the Western Mediterranean Sea : A Lagrangian perspectiveSayol, Juan Manuel; Orfila, Alejandro; Simarro, Gonzalo; López, Cristóbal; Renault, Lionel; Galán, Álvaro; Conti, DanielArtículo
Oct-2012Seasonal and regional characterization of horizontal mixing in the global oceanHernández Carrasco, Ismael; López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, Emilio; Turiel, AntonioArtículo
31-Mar-2012Self-localized states in species competitionPaulau, P. V.; Gomila, Damià; López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, EmilioArtículo

Showing results 41 to 60 of 83