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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1998CdS photoluminescence inhibition by a photonic structureBlanco, Andreu; López, Cristóbal; Mayoral, R.; Míguez, H.; Meseguer, Francisco; Mifsud, A.Artículo
24-Apr-2001Chaotic advection of reacting substances: Plankton dynamics on a meandering jetLópez, Cristóbal; Neufeld, Zoltan; Hernández-García, Emilio; Haynes, P. H.Artículo
2013Characterization of coherent structures in three-dimensional turbulent flows using the finite-size Lyapunov exponentBettencourt, João H.; López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, EmilioPre-print
18-Jun-2013Clustering determines who survives for competing brownian and lévy walkersHeinsalu, Els; Hernández-García, Emilio; López, CristóbalArtículo
6-Dec-2004Clustering transition in a system of particles self-consistently driven by a shear flowLópez, CristóbalArtículo
30-Jul-2004Clustering, advection and patterns in a model of population dynamics with neighborhood-dependent ratesHernández-García, Emilio; López, CristóbalArtículo
7-Jun-2008Comparative study of mixing and biological activity of the Benguela and Canary upwelling systemsRossi, Vincent; López, Cristóbal; Sudre, Joel; Hernández-García, Emilio; Garçon, VéroniqueArtículo
Jan-2009Comparison between Eulerian diagnostics and finite-size Lyapunov exponents computed from altimetry in the Algerian basind'Ovidio, Francesco; Isern-Fontanet, Jordi; López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, Emilio; García-Ladona, EmilioArtículo
5-Apr-2012Competitive Brownian and Levy walkersHeinsalu, Els; Hernández-García, Emilio; López, CristóbalArtículo
28-Apr-2004Continuum description of finite-size particles advected by external flows. The effect of collisions.López, Cristóbal; Puglisi, AndreaArtículo
1998Control of the photonic crystal properties of fee-packed submicrometer SiO2 spheres by sinteringMíguez, H.; Meseguer, F.; López, Cristóbal; Blanco, Andreu; Moya, J. S.; Requena, J.; Mifsud, A.; Fornés, VicenteArtículo
6-Feb-2008Crystallization and melting of bacteria colonies and Brownian bugsRamos, Francisco; López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, Emilio; Muñoz, Miguel A.Artículo
10-Apr-2007Discreteness effects in a reacting system of particles with finite interaction radiusBerti, S.; López, Cristóbal; Vergni, Davide; Vulpiani, AngeloArtículo
21-May-2010Dynamical phase coexistence: A simple solution to the “savanna problem”Vázquez, Federico; López, Cristóbal; Calabrese, Justin; Muñoz, Miguel A.Artículo
16-Dec-2002Excitable media in open and closed chaotic flowsNeufeld, Zoltan; López, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, Emilio; Piro, OresteArtículo
2000Ferromagnetic copper(II) complex containing ferrocenecarboxylato bridging ligandsLópez, Cristóbal; Costa, R.; Illas, F.; Molins, E.; Espinosa, E.Artículo
28-Jun-2003Filament bifurcations in a one-dimensional model of reacting excitable fluid flowHernández-García, Emilio; López, Cristóbal; Neufeld, ZoltanArtículo
9-Jan-2004Fluctuations impact on a pattern-forming model of population dynamics with non-local interactionsLópez, Cristóbal; Hernández-García, EmilioArtículo
2000Forecasting confined spatiotemporal chaos with genetic algorithmsLópez, Cristóbal; Álvarez, Alberto; Hernández-García, EmilioArtículo
2000Forecasting the SST space-time variability of the Alboran Sea with genetic algorithmsÁlvarez, Alberto; López, Cristóbal; Riera, M.; Hernández-García, Emilio; Tintoré, JoaquínArtículo

Showing results 10 to 29 of 83