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2003Hipparion dispersal in Europe: magnetostratigraphic constraints from the Daroca area (Spain).Garcés, Miguel; Krijgsman, W.; Peláez-Campomanes, Pablo; Álvarez Sierra, Mª. Ángeles; Daams, RemmertArtículo
1997Late Miocene alluvial sediments from the Teruel area: Magnetostratigraphy, magnetic susceptibility, and facies organizationGarcés, Miguel; Krijgsman, W.; Calvo Sorando, J. P.; Alcalá, Luis; Alonso-Zarza, Ana María; Darn, J. vanArtículo
2001The upper Miocene mammal record from the Teruel-Alfambra region (Spain). The MN system and continental stage/age concepts discussedVan Dam, J. A.; Alcalá, Luis; Alonso-Zarza, Ana María; Calvo Sorando, J. P.; Garcés, Miguel; Krijgsman, W.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 3 of 3