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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
17-Nov-1997Is the apical growth of Cymodocea nodosa dependent on clonal integration?Terrados, Jorge; Duarte, Carlos M.; Kenworthy, W. JudsonArtículo
27-Feb-1997Response of a mixed Philippine seagrass meadow to experimental burialDuarte, Carlos M.; Terrados, Jorge; Agawin, Nona S. R.; Fortes, Miguel D.; Bach, Steffen; Kenworthy, W. JudsonArtículo
2014Seagrasses in the age of sea turtle conservation and shark overfishingHeithaus, Michael R.; Alcoverro, Teresa; Arthur, Rohan; Burkholder, Derek A.; Coates, Kathryn A.; Christianen, Marjolijn J. A.; Kelkar, Nachiket; Manuel, Sarah A.; Wirsing, Aaron J.; Kenworthy, W. Judson; Fourqurean, James W.Artículo

Showing results 3 to 5 of 5