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openAccessAdipose_Mesenchymal_Stromal_Acosta.pdf.jpg16-Dec-2013Adipose mesenchymal stromal cells isolated from type 2 diabetic patients display reduced fibrinolytic activityAcosta, Lourdes; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Escacena, Natalia; Pérez-Camacho, Inmaculada; Cuesta, Antonio de la; Ruiz-Salmerón, Rafael; Gauthier, Benoit R.; Soria Escoms, BernatArtículo
openAccessLimb Ischemia.pdf.jpg2011Angiographic demonstration of neoangiogenesis after intra-arterial infusion of autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells in diabetic patients with critical limb IschemiaRuiz-Salmerón, Rafael; Cuesta-Díaz, Antonio de la; Constantino-Bermejo, Manuel; Pérez-Camacho, Inmaculada; Marcos-Sánchez, Francisco; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Soria Escoms, BernatArtículo
openAccessBottlenecks in the Efficient Use_Escacena.pdf.jpg2015Bottlenecks in the efficient use of advanced therapy medicinal products based on mesenchymal stromal cellsEscacena, Natalia; Quesada-Hernández, Elena; Capilla-González, Viviana; Soria Escoms, Bernat; Hmadcha, AbdelkrimArtículo
openAccessjournal.pone.0003294.pdf.jpg29-Sep-2008Cancer Genes Hypermethylated in Human Embryonic Stem CellsCalvanese, Vincenzo; Horrillo, Angélica; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Fraga, Mario F.Artículo
closedAccess2008Cell Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus: An Opportunity for Stem Cells?Soria Escoms, Bernat; Bedoya Bergua, Francisco Javier; Tejedo Huamán, Juan Rigoberto; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Ruiz-Salmerón, Rafael; Lim, S.; Martín, FranzArtículo
openAccessDevelopment cell-based.pdf.jpg25-Nov-2012Development of a cell-based medicinal product: Regulatory structures in the European UnionGálvez Martín, Patricia; Clares Naveros, Beatriz; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Ruiz-Martínez, Adolfina; Soria Escoms, BernatArtículo
openAccessEGFinduced_Lachaud.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2014EGF-induced adipose tissue mesothelial cells undergo functional vascular smooth muscle differentiationLachaud, Christian C.; López-Beas, Javier; Soria Escoms, Bernat; Hmadcha, AbdelkrimArtículo
openAccessFunctional_Vascular_Smooth_Lachaud.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2013Functional Vascular Smooth Muscle-like Cells Derived from Adult Mouse Uterine Mesothelial CellsLachaud, Christian C.; Pezzolla, Daniela; Domínguez-Rodríguez, Alejandro; Smani, Tarik; Soria Escoms, Bernat; Hmadcha, AbdelkrimArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgOct-2010Histone H1 Poly[ADP]-Ribosylation Regulates the Chromatin Alterations Required for Learning ConsolidationFontán-Lozano, Ángela; Suárez-Pereira, Irene; Horrillo, Angélica; Pozo-Martín, Yaiza del; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Carrión Rodríguez, Ángel ManuelArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgApr-2010MALDI-TOF Mass Array Analysis of RASSF1A and SERPINB5 Methylation Patterns in Human Placenta and PlasmaBellido, María Luz; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Zhong, Xiao YanArtículo
openAccessMesothelial Cells.pdf.jpgSep-2014Mesothelial cells: A cellular surrogate for tissue engineering of corneal endotheliumLachaud, Christian C.; Soria, Felipe; Escacena, Natalia; Quesada-Hernández, Elena; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Alió, Jorge; Soria Escoms, BernatArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg15-Jan-2010Nitric oxide repression of Nanog promotes mouse embryonic stem cell differentiationMora-Castilla, Sergio; Tejedo Huamán, Juan Rigoberto; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Cahuana, Gladys M.; Martín, Francisco; Soria Escoms, Bernat; Bedoya Bergua, Francisco JavierArtículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpgApr-2010Pancreatic islet cells: a model for calcium-dependent peptide releaseSoria Escoms, Bernat; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Martín, Franz; Quesada, IvanArtículo
openAccessPreconditioning_pone.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2013Preconditioning of Microglia by α-Synuclein Strongly Affects the Response Induced by Toll-like Receptor (TLR) StimulationRoodveldt, Cintia; Labrador-Garrido, Adahir; González-Rey, Elena; Lachaud, Christian C.; Guilliams, Tim; Fernández Montesinos, Rafael; Benitez-Rondan, Alicia; Robledo, G.; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Delgado, M.; Dobson, Christopher M.; Pozo, D.Artículo
openAccessPreconditioning_Microglia_ Roodveldt.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2013Preconditioning of microglia by α-synuclein strongly affects the response induced by toll-like receptor (TLR) stimulationRoodveldt, Cintia; Labrador-Garrido, Adahir; Lachaud, Christian C.; Fernández Montesinos, Rafael; Benitez-Rondan, Alicia; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Pozo, DavidArtículo
openAccessResveratrol Ameliorates_Pezzolla.pdf.jpg16-Mar-2015Resveratrol ameliorates the maturation process of β-cell-like cells obtained from an optimized differentiation protocol of human embryonic stem cellsPezzolla, Daniela; López-Beas, Javier; Lachaud, Christian C.; Domínguez-Rodríguez, Alejandro; Smani, Tarik; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Soria Escoms, BernatArtículo
openAccessSingle mechanosensitive.pdf.jpg28-Nov-2012Single mechanosensitive and ca(2+)-sensitive channel currents recorded from mouse and human embryonic stem cellsSoria Escoms, Bernat; Navas, Sergio; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Hamill, Owen P.Artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2010Sirtuin 1 regulation of developmental genes during differentiation of stem cellsCalvanese, Vincenzo; Lara, Ester; Horrillo, Angélica; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Soria Escoms, Bernat; Serrano, Manuel; Esteller, Manel; Fraga, Mario F.Artículo
openAccessStandard Requirements.pdf.jpg13-Jan-2014Standard requirement of a microbiological quality control program for the manufacture of human mesenchymal stem cells for clinical useGálvez Martín, Patricia; Clares Naveros, Beatriz; Bermejo González, María; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Soria Escoms, BernatArtículo
openAccessStudy of stability.pdf.jpg14-Nov-2014Study of the stability of packaging and storage conditions of human mesenchymal stem cell for intra-arterial clinical application in patient with critical limb ischemiaGálvez Martín, Patricia; Hmadcha, Abdelkrim; Soria Escoms, Bernat; Calpena-Campmany, Ana C.; Clares Naveros, BeatrizArtículo