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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
May-2002What Darwin forgot to mention about OrchidsHerrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Oct-2009Yeasts in floral nectar of some South African plants: Quantification and associations with pollinator type and sugar concentrationVega, Clara de; Herrera, Carlos M.; Jonhson, S.D.Artículo
10-Feb-2009Yeasts in floral nectar: a quantitative surveyHerrera, Carlos M.; Vega, Clara de; Canto, Azucena; Pozo, María I.Artículo
2013Yeasts in nectar of an early-blooming herb: Sought by bumble bees, detrimental to plant fecundityHerrera, Carlos M.; Pozo, María I.; Medrano, MónicaArtículo
Aug-2012Zooming-in on floral nectar: a first exploration of nectar-associated bacteria in wild plant communitiesÁlvarez-Pérez, Sergio; Herrera, Carlos M.; Vega, Clara deArtículo

Showing results 149 to 153 of 153