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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Jun-2001Patterns made of patterns: variation and covariation of leaf nutrient concentrations within and between populations of Prunus mahalebHerrera, Carlos M.; Alonso, ConchitaArtículo
2013Permanent Genetic Resources added to Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 February 2013-31 March 2013Arias, M.C.; Atteke, C.; Augusto, S.C.; Bailey, J.; Bazaga, Pilar; Beheregaray, L.B.; Benoit, L.; Blatrix, R.; Born, C.; Brito, R.M.; Chen, H.-K.; Covarrubias, S.; Vega, Clara de; Djiéto-Lordon, C.; Dubois, M.-P.; Francisco, F.O.; García, Cristina; Gonçalves, P.H.P.; González, C.; Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, C.; Hammer, M.P.; Herrera, Carlos M.; Itoh, H.; Kamimura, S.; Karaoglu, H.; Kojima, S.; Li, S.-L.; Ling, H.J.; Matos-Maraví, P.F.; Mckey, D.; Mezui-M'Eko, J.; Ornelas, J.F.; Park, R.F.; Pozo, María I.; Ramula, S.; Rigueiro, Cristina; Sandoval-Castillo, J.; Santiago, L.R.; Seino, Miyuki M.; Song, C.-B.; Takeshima, H.; Vasemägi, A.; Wellings, C.R.; Yan, J.; Yu-Zhou, D.; Zhang, C.-R.; Zhang, T.-Y.Artículo
2013Permanent Genetic Resources added to Molecular Ecology Resources Database 1 October 2012-30 November 2012Aksoy, S.; Almeida-Val, V.M.F.; Azevedo, V.C.R.; Baucom, R.; Bazaga, Pilar; Beheregaray, L.B.; Bennetzen, J.L.; Brassaloti, R.A.; Burgess, T.I.; Caccone, A.; Chang, S.-M.; Ciampi, A.Y.; Ciancaleoni, S.; Clímaco, G.T.; clouet, C.; Coimbra, M.R.M.; Coutinho, L.L.; Dantas, H.L.; Vega, Clara de; Echodu, R.; Enyaru, J.; Figueira, A.; Filho, M.A.G.; Foltz, B.; Fressigné, L.; Gadomski, M.; Gauthier, N.; Herrera, Carlos M.; Hyseni, C.; Jorge, E.C.; Kaczmarczyk, D.; Knott, E.; Kuester, A.; Lima, A.P.S.; Lima, M.A.; Lima, M.P.; Longo, A.L.B.; Lor, G.; Maggioni, R.; Marques, T.S.; Martins, A.R.; Matoso, D.A.; Medrano, Mónica; Mendonça, M.A.C.; Mettler, Reann; Nascimento, P.R.M.; Negri, V.; Oliveira, K.K.C.; Oliveira, L.O.; Ovcarenko, I.; Paula-Silva, M.N.; Raggi, L.; Sandoval-Castillo, J.; Santos, C.H.D.A.; Martin Schaefer, H.; Segelbacher, G.; Seino, Miyuki M.; Sistrom, M.; Taole, M.M.; Teske, P.R.; Tsagkarakou, A.; Verdade, L.M.; Villela, P.M.S.; Vinson, C.C.; Wingfield, B.D.; Wingfield, M.Artículo
2013Phylogenetic analysis of the angiosperm-floricolous insect–yeast association: Have yeast and angiosperm lineages co-diversified?Gúzman, Beatriz; Lachance, Marc-André; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Mar-2011Phylogenetic context of reproductive system evolution in subdioecious Daphe laureolaAlonso, Conchita; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Aug-2005Plant Traits, Environmental Factors, and Pollinator Visitation in Winter-flowering Helleborus foetidus (RanunculaceaeSánchez-Lafuente, A.M.; Guitián, J.; Medrano, Mónica; Herrera, Carlos M.; Rey, Pedro J.; Cerdá, XimArtículo
Jan-2005Plant generalization on pollinators: species property or local phenomenon?Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Dec-1989Plant Size, Spacing Patterns, and Host-Plant Selection in Osyris Quadripartita, a Hemiparasitic Dioecious ShrubHerrera, Carlos M.Artículo
1989Pollinator abundance, morphology, and flower visitation rate: analysis of the “quantity” component in a plant-poffinator systemHerrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Mar-2008Pollinators foraging modifies nectar sugar composition in Helleborus foetidus (Ranunculaceae): an experimental test1Canto, Azucena; Herrera, Carlos M.; Medrano, Mónica; Pérez, Ricardo; García, Isabel M.Artículo
2014Population genetics methods applied to a species delimitation problem: Endemic trumpet daffodils (Narcissus section pseudonarcissi) from the southern Iberian PeninsulaMedrano, Mónica; López-Perea, Esmeralda; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
2014Population growth of the floricolous yeast Metschnikowia reukaufii: Effects of nectar host, yeast genotype, and host × genotype interactionHerrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Dec-2008Population-genomic approach reveals adaptive floral divergence in discrete populations of a hawk moth- pollinated violetHerrera, Carlos M.; Bazaga, PilarArtículo
1998Population-level estimates of interannual variability in seed production: what do they actually tell us?Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Sep-2005Post-floral perianth functionality: contribution of persistent sepals to seed development in Helleborus foetidus (Ranunculaceae)Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Feb-2005Pre- and post-germination determinants of spatial variation in recruitment in the perennial herb Helleborus foetidus L. (Ranunculaceae)Garrido, José L.; Rey, Pedro J.; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Nov-2009Presence of yeasts in floral nectar is consistent with the hypothesis of microbial-mediated signaling in plant-pollinator interactionsPozo, María I.; Vega, Clara de; Canto, Azucena; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Jun-1981Prunus mahaleb and Birds: The High-Efficiency Seed Dispersal System of a Temperate Fruiting TreeHerrera, Carlos M.; Jordano, PedroArtículo
13-May-2009Quantifying the genetic component of phenotypic variation in unpedigreed wild plants: tailoring genomic scan for within-population useHerrera, Carlos M.; Bazaga, PilarArtículo
1994Recruitment of a mast-fruiting, bird-dispersed tree: Bridging frugivore activity and seedling establishmentHerrera, Carlos M.; Jordano, Pedro; López-Soria, L.; Amat, Juan A.Artículo

Showing results 99 to 118 of 153