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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Oct-2010Marcescent corollas as functional structures: effects on the fecundity of two insect-pollinated plantsHerrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Mar-2004Mating patterns and genetic diversity in the wild Daffodil Narcissus longispathus (Amaryllidaceae)Barrett, Spencer C.H.; Cole, W.W.; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Jan-2005Mating system, sex ratio, and persistence of females in the gynodioecious shrub Daphne laureola L. (Thymelaeaceae)Medrano, Mónica; Alonso, Conchita; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Aug-2000Measuring the effects of pollinators and herbivorres: evidence for non-additivity in a perennial herbHerrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Aug-2014Metschnikowia drakensbergensis sp. nov. and Metschnikowia caudata sp. nov., two endemic yeasts associated with Protea flowers in South AfricaVega, Clara de; Gúzman, Beatriz; Steenhuisen, Sandy-Lynn; Johnson, Steven D.; Herrera, Carlos M.; Lachance, Marc-AndréArtículo
2012Metschnikowia proteae sp. nov., a nectarivorous insect-associated yeast species from AfricaVega, Clara de; Gúzman, Beatriz; Lachance, Marc-André; Steenhuisen, Sandy-Lynn; Johnson, Steven D.; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Aug-2012Micro-organisms behind the pollination scenes: microbial imprint on floral nectar sugar variation in a tropical plant communityCanto, Azucena; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Jul-1995Microclimate and Individual Variation in Pollinators: Flowering Plants are More than Their FlowersHerrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Apr-2013Microorganisms transported by ants induce changes in floral nectar composition of an ant-pollinated plantsVega, Clara de; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
1974Morfología y dimorfismo sexual de la pelvis de Pitymys duodecimcostatusaHerrera, Carlos M.; Soriguer, Ramón C.Artículo
2013Multilocus Sequence Analysis of Nectar Pseudomonads Reveals High Genetic Diversity and Contrasting Recombination PatternsÁlvarez-Pérez, Sergio; Vega, Clara de; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
2009Multiplicity in unity: plant subindividual variation and interactions with animalsHerrera, Carlos M.Libro
1984Nectar thievery by ants from southern Spanish insect-pollinated flowersHerrera, Carlos M.; Herrera, Javier; Espadaler, X.Artículo
May-2012Nectar yeasts of two southern Spanish plants: the roles of immigration and physiological traits in community assemblyPozo, María I.; Lachance, Marc-André; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Feb-2010Nectar yeasts warm the flowers of a winter-blooming plantHerrera, Carlos M.; Pozo, María I.Artículo
Oct-2012Negative evidence of local adaptation to the establishment conditions in a perennial herbGarrido, José L.; Rey, Pedro J.; Herrera, Carlos M.; Ramírez, José M.Artículo
Jun-2001Neither vegetative nor reproductive advantages account for high frequency of male-steriles in Southern spanish Gynodioecious Daphne laureola (Thymelaeaceae)Alonso, Conchita; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
Apr-2009Noncorrelated effects of seed predation and pollination on the perennial herb Ruellia nudiflora remain spatially consistentAbdala-Roberts, Luis; Parra-Tabla, Víctor; Salinas-Peba, Luis; Herrera, Carlos M.Artículo
2014Nonrandom genotype distribution among floral hosts contributes to local and regional genetic diversity in the nectar-living yeast Metschnikowia reukaufiiHerrera, Carlos M.; Pozo, María I.; Bazaga, PilarArtículo
2004nvestigaciones sobre plantas y animales en las Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas. 25 años de estudios por el CSICAlonso, Conchita; Garrido, José L.; Herrera, Carlos M.Libro

Showing results 79 to 98 of 153