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openAccess9.pdf.jpg30-Dec-2005Fuentes de variación en el tamaño de la semilla de la herbácea perenne Helleborus foetidus L. (Ranunculaceae)Garrido, José L. ; Rey, Pedro J.; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessHerrera_et_al-2016-Ecology_and_Evolution.pdf.jpg2016Genetic and epigenetic divergence between disturbed and undisturbed subpopulations of a Mediterranean shrub:a 20-year field experimentHerrera, Carlos M. ; Bazaga, Pilar Artículo
openAccessHerrera et al.pdf.jpg2015Genetic diversity, outcrossing rate, and demographic history along a climatic gradient in the ruderal plant Ruellia nudiflora (Acanthaceae)Vargas-Mendoza, C.F.; Ortegón-Campos, I.; Marrufo-Zapata, D.; Herrera, Carlos M. ; Parra-Tabla, Víctor Artículo
openAccessMay-2012Genetic structure of the shrub Daphne laureola across the Baetic Ranges, a Mediterranean glacial refugium and biodiversity hotspotCastilla, Antonio R. ; Alonso, Conchita ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccesscastilla et al. 2012.pdf.jpg2012Genetic structure of the shrub Daphne laureola across the Baetic Ranges, a Mediterranean glacial refugium and biodiversity hotspotCastilla, Antonio R. ; Alonso, Conchita ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccess2012Genomic Scan as a Tool for Assessing the Genetic Component of Phenotypic Variance in Wild PopulationsHerrera, Carlos M. Capítulo de libro
openAccessHerrera.et.al.2006.Harder.&.Barrett.pdf.jpg2006Geographical context of floral evolution: towards an improved research programme in floral diversificationHerrera, Carlos M. ; Castellanos, María Clara; Medrano, Mónica Capítulo de libro
openAccessJun-2008Geographical Structuring of Genetic Diversity Across the Whole Distribution Range of Narcissus longispathus, a Habitat-specialist, Mediterranean Narrow EndemicMedrano, Mónica ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessHerreraetal2001AmJBot.pdf.jpgJun-2001Geographical variation in autonomous self-polliantion levels unrelated to pollnator service im Jelleborus foetidus (Ranunculaceae)Herrera, Carlos M. ; Sánchez-Lafuente, A.M.; Medrano, Mónica ; Guitián, J.; Cerdá, Xim ; Rey, Pedro J.Artículo
openAccessGarrido.et.al.2002.J.Ecol.pdf.jpgJun-2002Geographical variation in diaspore traits of an ant-dispersed plant (Helleborus foetidus): are ant community composition and diaspore traits correlated?Garrido, José L. ; Rey, Pedro J.; Cerdá, Xim ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessApr-2004Geographical variation in the potential of mice to constrain an ant- seed dispersal mutualismFedriani, José M. ; Rey, Pedro J.; Garrido, José L. ; Guitián, J.; Herrera, Carlos M. ; Sánchez-Lafuente, A.M.; Cerdá, Xim Artículo
openAccessfgene-06-00004.pdf.jpg2015Global DNA cytosine methylation as an evolving trait: phylogenetic signal and correlated evolution with genome size in angiospermsAlonso, Conchita ; Pérez, Ricardo; Bazaga, Pilar ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccess1988Habitat-shaping, host plant use by a hemiparasitic shrub, and the of gut fellowsHerrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessJun-2005Herkogamy and Mating Patterns in the Self-compatible Daffodil Narcissus longispathusMedrano, Mónica ; Herrera, Carlos M. ; Barrett, Spencer C.H.Artículo
openAccessSep-2012Herkogamy and mate diversity in the wild daffodil Narcissus longispathus: beyond the selfing–outcrossing paradigm in the evolution of mixed matingMedrano, Mónica ; Requerey, R.; Herrera, Carlos M. ; Karron, J.D.Artículo
openAccessHerrera.1992.Am.Nat.pdf.jpgSep-1992Historical effects and sorting processes as explanations for comtemporary ecological patterns: character syndromes in mediterranean woody plantsHerrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessHerrera.2000c.Ecology.pdf.jpgNov-2000IIndividual differenes in progeny viability in Lavandula latifolia: a long.term field studyHerrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccess1992Individual flowering time and maternal fecundity in a summer-flowering mediterranean shrub: making the right prediction for the wrong reasonHerrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessAlonso_etal_AmJBot_finalfigs.pdf.jpg2014Individual variation in size and fecundity is correlated with differences in global DNA cytosine methylation in the perennial herb Helleborus foetidus (Ranunculaceae)Alonso, Conchita ; Bazaga, Pilar ; Medrano, Mónica ; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo
openAccessMay-2012Influence of multiple factors on plant local adaptation: soil type and folivore effects in Ruellia nudiflora (Acanthaceae)Ortegón-Campos, I.; Abdala-Roberts, Luis; Parra-Tabla, Víctor ; Cervera, J. Carlos; Marrufo-Zapata, Denis; Herrera, Carlos M. Artículo