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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2014The growth of cobalt oxides on HOPG and SiO2 surfaces: A comparative studyDíaz-Fernández, D.; Méndez, Javier; Bomatí-Miguel, O.; Yubero, Francisco; Domínguez-Cañizares, G.; Gutiérrez, A.; Tougaard, S.; Soriano, L.Artículo
2010Thermal oxidation of vanadium-freeTi alloys: An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy studyLópez, M. F.; Gutiérrez, A.; Jiménez, José Antonio; Martinesi, M.; Stio, M.; Treves, C.Artículo
2000Tomato- Fusarium oxysporum interactions: II. Chitosan and MSB induced resistance against fol in young tomato plantsPaz-Lago, Dalila; Borges, Andrés A.; Gutiérrez, A.; Borges, Anna; Cabrera, G.; Ramírez, Miguel Angel; Falcón, A.Artículo
Oct-2000Tomato-Fusarium oxysporum Interactions: I- Chitosan and MSB Effectively Inhibits Fungal GrowthBorges, Andrés A.; Borges-Pérez, Andrés; Gutiérrez, A.; Paz-Lago, Dalila; Cabrera, G.; Fernández, M.; Ramírez, Miguel A.; Acosta, AlejandrinaArtículo
1997X-ray absorption and Auger electron spectroscopy studies of the quality of diamond thin films grown by the oxy-acetylene flame methodGutiérrez, A.; Lopez, M. F.; García, Ignacio; Vázquez, A.Artículo
2013X-ray absorption study of the local structure at the NiO/oxide interfacesPreda, I.; Soriano, L.; Díaz-Fernández, D.; Domínguez-Cañizares, G.; Gutiérrez, A.; Castro, G. R.; Chaboy, JesúsArtículo
2000X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of thiols adsorbed on Pt(111) with and without the presence of a copper monolayerAlonso, C.; López, M. F.; Gutiérrez, A.; Escudero Rincón, María LorenzaArtículo
1997XPS and Auger study of the radial variations of diamond thin films grown by the oxy-acetylene flame methodGarcía, Ignacio; Gutiérrez, A.; Vázquez, A.Artículo
2011XPS characterization of surface modified titanium alloys for use as biomaterialsLópez, M. F.; Jiménez, José Antonio; Gutiérrez, A.Artículo
1999XPS study of the displacement of an electrodeposited Cu monolayer on Pt by mercaptopyridinesGutiérrez, A.; Alonso, C.; Lopez, M. F.; Escudero Rincón, María LorenzaArtículo

Showing results 21 to 30 of 30