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openAccess2014Ecosystem effects of variant rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus, Iberian PeninsulaDelibes Mateos, Miguel; Ferreira, C.; Carro, Francisco; Escudero, M.A.; Gortázar, ChristianArtículo
openAccess2010Effects of density, climate, and supplementary forage on body mass and pregnancy rates of female red deer in SpainRodríguez-Hidalgo, P.; Gortázar, Christian; Vicente Baños, JoaquínArtículo
closedAccess2006Effects of parasitic helminths and ivermectin treatment on clinical parameters in the European wild boar (Sus scrofa)López-Olvera, J.R; Höfle, Ursula; Vicente, J.; Fernández-de-Mera, Isabel G; Gortázar, ChristianArtículo
openAccessMar-2004Epidemiological study on porcine circovirus type 2 (PCV2) infection in the European wild boar (Sus scrofa)Vicente Baños, Joaquín; Segalés, Joaquim; Höfle, Ursula; Balasch, Mònica; Plana-Durán, Joan; Domingo, Mariano; Gortázar, ChristianArtículo
openAccess2007Estimation of European wild boar relative abundance and aggregation: A novel method in epidemiological risk assessmentAcevedo, P.; Vicente, J.; Höfle, Ursula; Cassinello, Jorge; Ruiz Fons, Francisco; Gortázar, ChristianArtículo
closedAccessJun-2009Evaluation of baits for oral vaccination of European wild boar pigletsBallesteros Hurtado, Cristina; Gortázar, Christian; Canales García-Menocal, Mario; Vicente Baños, Joaquín; Lasagna, Angelo; Gamarra, José A.; García García, Ricardo; Fuente García, José de laArtículo
openAccess20-Aug-2008Evidence of the Importance of Host Habitat Use in Predicting the Dilution Effect of Wild Boar for Deer Exposure to Anaplasma sppEstrada-Peña, Agustín; Gortázar, Christian; Ruiz Fons, Francisco; Fuente García, José de la; Acevedo, PelayoArtículo
closedAccess5-Feb-2008Evidence of the role of European wild boar as a reservoir of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complexNaranjo, María Victoria; Gortázar, Christian; Vicente Baños, Joaquín; Fuente García, José de laArtículo
openAccess2-Aug-2008Evidence of the role of tick subolesin in gene expressionFuente García, José de la; Maritz-Olivier, Christine; Naranjo, María Victoria; Ayoubi, Patricia; Nijhof, Ard M.; Almazán, Consuelo; Canales García-Menocal, Mario; Pérez de Lastra, José Manuel; Galindo, Ruth C.; Blouin, Edmour F.; Gortázar, Christian; Jongejan, Frans; Kocan, Katherine M.Artículo
openAccessOct-1994Factors affecting Dirofilaria immitis prevalence in red foxes in Northeastern SpainGortázar, Christian; Castillo Hernández, J. A.; Lucientes Curdi, Javier; Blanco, J. C.; Arriolabengoa, A.; Calvete, C.Artículo
closedAccess2009Factors affecting red deer skin test responsiveness to bovine and avian tuberculin and to phytohaemagglutininFernández de Mera, Isabel G.; Vicente, J.; Höfle, Ursula; Fons, F.R.; Ortiz, J.A.; Gortázar, ChristianArtículo
openAccess2-Feb-2011Fine-tuning the space, time, and host distribution of mycobacteria in wildlifeGortázar, Christian; Torres, María José; Acevedo, Pelayo; Aznar Martín, Javier; Negro, Juan J.; Fuente García, José de la; Vicente Baños, JoaquínArtículo
closedAccess9-Sep-2009First data on Eurasian wild boar response to oral immunization with BCG and challenge with a Mycobacterium bovis field strainBallesteros Hurtado, Cristina; Garrido, Joseba M.; Vicente Baños, Joaquín; Romero, B.; Galindo, Ruth C.; Minguijón, E.; Villar, Margarita; Martín-Hernando, Mari Paz; Sevilla, I.; Juste, Ramón A.; Aranaz, Alicia; Fuente García, José de la; Gortázar, ChristianArtículo
openAccessApr-1994First epizootic of rabbit hemorrhagic disease in free living populations of Oryctolagus cuniculus at Doñana National Park, SpainVillafuerte, Rafael; Calvete, C.; Gortázar, Christian; Moreno, SacramentoArtículo
closedAccess1994First epizootic of rabbit hemorrhagic disease in free living populations of Oryctolagus cuniculus at Doñana National Park, Spain.Villafuerte, Rafael; Calvete, C.; Gortázar, Christian; Moreno, SacramentoArtículo
closedAccess2006Genes differentially expressed in oropharyngeal tonsils and mandibular lymph nodes of tuberculous and nontuberculous European wild boars naturally exposed to Mycobacterium bovisNaranjo, V.; Höfle, Ursula; Vicente, J.; Martín, M.P; Ruiz Fons, Francisco; Gortázar, Christian; Kocan, K.M; De la Fuente, J.Artículo
openAccess2011Genetic characterization of south spain boar | Caracterización genética del jabalí de la estación biológica de doñanaLandi, V.; Negro, Juan J.; Vega-Pla, J.L.; Gortázar, Christian; García-Aznar Navajas, J.M.; Delgado Bermejo, J.V.; Martínez Martínez, M.A.Artículo
openAccess2013Genetic epidemiology of Sarcoptes scabiei in the Iberian wolf in Asturias, SpainOleaga, Álvaro; Alasaad, Samer; Rossi, Luca; Casais, Rosa; Vicente, Joaquín; Soriguer, Ramón C.; Gortázar, ChristianArtículo
closedAccess2005Genetic resistance to bovine tuberculosis in the Iberian wild boarAcevedo-Whitehouse, Karina; Vicente, J.; Gortázar, Christian; Höfle, Ursula; Fernández de Mera, Isabel G.; Amos, W.Artículo
openAccessMar-2007Habitat suitability modelling reveals a strong niche overlap between two poorly known species, the broom hare and the Pyrenean grey partridge, in the north of SpainAcevedo, Pelayo; Alzaga, V; Casinello, Jorge; Gortázar, ChristianArtículo