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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Neuroprotective and Cholinergic Properties of Multifunctional Glutamic Acid Derivatives for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s DiseaseArce, Mariana P.; Rodríguez Franco, María Isabel; González Muñoz, Gema Cristina; Pérez, Concepción; López, Beatriz; Villarroya, Mercedes; López, Manuela G.; García, Antonio G.; Conde, SantiagoArtículo
18-Jun-2009Novel dicarboxylic amino acid derivatives and the use thereof in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseasesConde Ruzafa, Santiago; Rodríguez Franco, María Isabel; Arce García, Mariana Paula; González Muñoz, Gema Cristina; Villarroya Sánchez, Mercedes; García López, Manuela; García García, AntonioPatente
2009Tacrine – Melatonin Hybrids as Multifunctional Agents for Alzheimer’s Disease, with Cholinergic, Antioxidant, and Neuroprotective PropertiesFernández Bachiller, María Isabel; Pérez, Concepción; Campillo, Nuria Eugenia; Páez, Antonio; González Muñoz, Gema Cristina; Usán, Paola; García Palomero, Esther; López, Manuela G.; Villarroya, Mercedes; García, Antonio G.; Martínez, Ana; Rodríguez Franco, María IsabelArtículo

Showing results 5 to 7 of 7