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2008Ultra low threshold room temperature lasing on photonic crystal microcavities with quantum wiresMartínez Rodríguez, Luis Javier; Prieto-González, Iván; Alén, Benito; Fuster, David; González, Yolanda; González, Luisa; Dotor, María LuisaPóster
2013Ultra- low density of InAs quantum dots grown by droplet epitaxyFuster, David; Wewior, L.; Alén, Benito; Ginés, Laia; González, Luisa; González, YolandaPóster
5-Nov-2009Use of material with a modified surface topography in devices for generating an electric current from incident lightPostigo, Pablo Aitor; Martínez Rodríguez, Luis Javier; Rodríguez Alija, Alfonso; Briones Fernández-Pola, Fernando; González, Yolanda; González, Luisa; Andreani, Lucio C.; Galli, Matteo; Luque López, Antonio; Martí Vega, Antonio; Algora, C.; Galiana, Beatriz; Prieto-González, IvánPatente
Apr-2003Vertical stacks of small InAs/GaAs self-assembled dots: resonant and non-resonant excitationMartínez-Pastor, Juan; Alén, Benito; Rudamas, C.; Roussignol, Philippe; García, Jorge M.; González, LuisaArtículo
1992X-ray diffraction determination of critical thickness of InAs and InP on GaAs grown by atomic layer molecular beam epitaxyMazuelas, A.; González, Luisa; Tapfer, L.; Briones Fernández-Pola, FernandoComunicación de congreso

Showing results 177 to 181 of 181