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Aug-2011Effects of warming processes on droughts and water resources in the NW Iberian Peninsula (1930-2006)Vicente Serrano, Sergio M.; López-Moreno, Juan I.; Drummond, Anita; Gimeno, Luis; Nieto, Raquel; Morán-Tejeda, Enrique; Lorenzo-Lacruz, Jorge; Beguería, Santiago; Zabalza, JavierArtículo
2009Stability of the seasonal distribution of precipitation in the Mediterranean region: Observations since 1950 and projections for the 21st centuryLópez-Moreno, Juan I.; Vicente Serrano, Sergio M.; Gimeno, Luis; Nieto, RaquelArtículo
Apr-2010Where Does the Iberian Peninsula Moisture Come From? An Answer Based on a Lagrangian ApproachGimeno, Luis; Nieto, Raquel; Trigo, Ricardo M.; Vicente Serrano, Sergio M.; López-Moreno, Juan I.Artículo

Showing results 4 to 6 of 6