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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Sep-1995Finite amplitude flexural vibrations at ultrasonic frequencies in metallic barsCampos-Pozuelo, Cleofé; Gallego Juárez, Juan AntonioArtículo
Feb-1995Finite amplitude standing waves in metallic rodsCampos-Pozuelo, Cleofé; Gallego Juárez, Juan AntonioArtículo
2002Finite element three-dimensional analysis of the vibrational behaviour of the Langevin-type transducerIula, A.; Vázquez, F.; Pappalardo, M.; Gallego Juárez, Juan AntonioArtículo
Jul-1999Finite-element analysis of the nonlinear propagation of high-intensity acoustic wavesCampos-Pozuelo, Cleofé; Dubus, Bertrand; Gallego Juárez, Juan AntonioArtículo
2006Food drying process by power ultrasoundFuente, Susana de la; Riera, Enrique; Acosta Aparicio, Víctor Manuel; Blanco Blanco, Alfonso; Gallego Juárez, Juan AntonioArtículo
2010High-power ultrasonic system for the enhancement of mass transfer in supercritical CO2 extraction processesRiera, Enrique; Blanco Blanco, Alfonso; García, José; Benedito Fort, José J.; Mulet Pons, Antonio; Gallego Juárez, Juan Antonio; Blasco Piquer, MiguelArtículo
Dec-2007Industrial requirements in high-power ultrasonic transducers for defoamingRodríguez, Germán; Acosta Aparicio, Víctor Manuel; Pinto, Alberto; Gallego Juárez, Juan AntonioComunicación de congreso
Sep-2002Influence of the acoustic entrainment on aerosol particle interactions: experimental balance of the hydrodynamic mechanismsGonzález Gómez, Icíar; Gallego Juárez, Juan Antonio; Riera, EnriqueComunicación de congreso
2008La Acústica en las Ciencias de la vidaGallego Juárez, Juan AntonioArtículo
1996Limiting strain of metals subjected to high-intensity ultrasoundCampos-Pozuelo, Cleofé; Gallego Juárez, Juan AntonioArtículo
30-May-2003Macrosonic emiter with vibrating plate comprising internodal zone separators and reflectors which can be used to obtain directional radiation in fluids.Rodríguez Corral, Germán; Gallego Juárez, Juan Antonio; Vázquez, Fernando; Campos-Pozuelo, Cleofé; Riera, EnriquePatente
Sep-2002Macrosonics: Phenomena, transducers and applicationsGallego Juárez, Juan AntonioComunicación de congreso
Dec-2002Macrosonics: Phenomena, transducers and applicationsGallego Juárez, Juan AntonioArtículo
2004Mass transfer enhancement in supercritical fluids extraction by means of power ultrasoundRiera, Enrique; Golás Sánchez, Yolanda; Blanco Blanco, Alfonso; Gallego Juárez, Juan Antonio; Blasco, M.; Mulet, A.Artículo
28-Mar-2013Method and device for improving material transfer in low-temperature processes usin high-intensity ultrasoundAcosta Aparicio, Víctor Manuel; Carcel Carrión, Juan Andrés; Gallego Juárez, Juan Antonio; García Pérez, José Vicente; Mulet, A.; Peña Cervero, Ramón; Riera, EnriquePatente
Dec-2007Non linear down-frequency conversion effects in high intensity Vibration of plate transducers and piezoelectric structuresAlippi, Adriano; Bettucci, Andrea; Biagioni, Angelo; Gallego Juárez, Juan Antonio; Passeri, Daniele; Riera, EnriqueComunicación de congreso
2001Numerical Study of the Hydrodynamic Interaction Between Aerosol Particles Due to the Acoustic Wake EffectGonzález Gómez, Icíar; Elvira Segura, Luis; Hoffmann, Thomas L.; Gallego Juárez, Juan AntonioArtículo
1997On the onset of transient cavitation in gassy liquidsGaete Garretón, Luis; Vargas Hernández, Yolanda; Vargas Herrera, R.; Gallego Juárez, Juan Antonio; Montoya Vitini, FaustoArtículo
2010Power ultrasonic transducers with extensive radiators for industrial processingGallego Juárez, Juan Antonio; Rodríguez Corral, Germán; Acosta Aparicio, Víctor Manuel; Riera, EnriqueArtículo
2012Power ultrasonics: new technologies and applications for fluid processingGallego Juárez, Juan AntonioCapítulo de libro

Showing results 36 to 55 of 78