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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess2006Counteracting gradients of light and soil nutrients in the understorey of Mediterranean oak forests.García, Luis V.; Maltez-Mouro, Sara; Pérez-Ramos, Ignacio Manuel; Freitas, Helena; Marañón, Teodoro
openAccessJun-2005Heterogeneidad y biodiversidad de bosques de Quercus en PortugalMaltez-Mouro, Sara; García, Luis V.; Marañón, Teodoro; Freitas, Helena
openAccess10-Sep-2010Impact of wildfire frequency on the ectomycorrhizal resitant propagules communities of a Mediterranean open forestBuscardo, Erika; Rodríguez-Echeverría, Susana; Martín, María Paz; De Angelis, Paolo; Pereira, João Santos; Freitas, Helena
openAccess2009Influence of forest structure and environmental variables on recruit survival and performance of two Mediterranean tree species (Quercus faginea L. and Q. suber Lam.)Maltez-Mouro, Sara; García, Luis V.; Freitas, Helena
openAccess6-Sep-2010Land use practices and ectomycorrhizal fungal communities from oak woodlands dominated by Quercus suber L. considering drought scenariosAzul, Anabela Marisa; Sousa, Joao Paulo; Agerer, R.; Martín, María Paz; Freitas, Helena
closedAccess2006Monitoring tools to assess vegetation successional regression and predict catastrophic shifts and desertification in Mediterranean rangeland ecosystemsAlados, Concepción L.; El Aich, Ahmed; Papanastasis, Vasilios P.; Ozbek, Huseyin; Freitas, Helena
openAccessDec-2007Recruitment patterns in a Mediterranean oak forest: a case study showing the importance of the spatial componentMaltez-Mouro, Sara; García, Luis V.; Marañón, Teodoro; Freitas, Helena
openAccess2005The combined role of topography and overstory tree composition in promoting edaphic and floristic variation in a Mediterranean forest.Maltez-Mouro, Sara; García, Luis V.; Marañón, Teodoro; Freitas, Helena
openAccess1-Jul-2006Understory floristic heterogeneity within a Mediterranean oak forest: how much is explained by edaphic, spatial and overstory components?Maltez-Mouro, Sara; García, Luis V.; Marañón, Teodoro; Freitas, Helena