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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2012Common pathways for growth and for plasticityKnafo, Shira; Esteban, José A.
closedAccess2-Jun-1994Complex Formation between Phage φ29 Single-stranded DNA Binding Protein and DNASoengas, M. S.; Esteban, José A.; Salas, Margarita; Gutiérrez, C.
openAccess25-Jul-2013Compuestos potenciadores del aprendizajeEsteban, José A.; Knafo, Shira; Venero-Núñez, César
closedAccess2000Delivery of GluR4-containing AMPA receptors by spontaneous activity.Esteban, José A.; Zhu, J. Julius; Malinow, Roberto
closedAccess1992DNA-independent deoxynucleotidylation of the ø29 terminal protein by the ø29 DNA polymeraseBlanco, Luis; Bernad, Antonio; Esteban, José A.; Salas, Margarita
closedAccess24-Mar-2000Driving AMPA Receptors into Synapses by LTP and CaMKII: Requirement for GluR1 and PDZ Domain InteractionHayashi, Yasunori; Shi, Song-Hai; Esteban, José A.; Piccini, Antonella; Poncer, Jean-Christophe; Malinow, Roberto
openAccess6-Apr-2006Dual role of the exocyst in AMPA receptor targeting and insertion into the postsynaptic membraneGerges, Nashaat Z.; Backos, D. S.; Rupasinghe, Chamila N.; Spaller, Mark R.; Esteban, José A.
closedAccess2005Dual role of the exocyst in AMPA receptor targeting and insertion into the postsynaptic membrane.Gerges, Nashaat Z.; Backos, D. S.; Esteban, José A.
closedAccess1998Estimating silent synapse prevalence from immunogold data using low detection correctionEsteban, José A.; Petralia, R. S.; Wang, X-Y; Wenthold, R. J.; Malinow, Roberto
openAccess2012Facilitation of AMPA receptor synaptic delivery as a molecular mechanism for cognitive enhancementKnafo, Shira; Sánchez-Puelles, C.; Franco, A.; Esteban, José A.
closedAccess1992Fidelity of phi29 DNA polymerase. Comparison between protein-primed initiationEsteban, José A.; Salas, Margarita; Blanco, Luis
closedAccess1993Fidelity of ø29 DNA polymerase. Comparison between protein-primed initiation and DNA polymerizationEsteban, José A.; Salas, Margarita; Blanco, Luis
openAccessNov-2007Functional Compartmentalization of Endosomal Trafficking for the Synaptic Delivery of AMPA Receptors during Long-Term PotentiationBrown, Tyler C.; Correia, Susana S.; Petrok, Cortney N.; Esteban, José A.
closedAccess20-Nov-1997Hairpin Ribozyme Structure and DynamicsBanerjee, Aloke Raj; Berzal-Herranz, A.; Bond, J.; Butcher, S.; Esteban, José A.; Heckman, J. E.; Sargueil, B.; Walter, Nils; Burke, John M.
closedAccess2003Hsp90 plays a critical role in AMPA receptor cycling.Gerges, Nashaat Z.; Backos, D. S.; Tran, Irwin C.; Esteban, José A.
openAccess1-Apr-1997In vitro evolution of terminal protein-containing genomesEsteban, José A.; Blanco, Luis; Villar, Laurentino; Salas, Margarita
openAccess19-May-2004Independent functions of Hsp90 in neurotransmitter release and in the continuous synaptic cycling of AMPA receptorsGerges, Nashaat Z.; Tran, Irwin C.; Backos, D. S.; Harrell, Jennifer M.; Chinkers, Michael; Pratt, William B.; Esteban, José A.
openAccess15-Oct-1992Initiation of phi 29 DNA replication occurs at the second 3' nucleotide of the linear template: a sliding-back mechanism for protein-primed DNA replication.Méndez, J.; Blanco, Luis; Esteban, José A.; Bernad, Antonio; Salas, Margarita
closedAccessMar-2008Intracellular machinery for the transport of AMPA receptorsEsteban, José A.
closedAccess2006Intracellular Trafficking of AMPA-Type Glutamate ReceptorsEsteban, José A.