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1999Selective acquisition of AMPA receptors on pure NMDA-receptor synapses during postnatal development.Esteban, J. A.; Petralia, R. S.; Wang, X-Y; Partdridge, J. G.; Zhao, H-MComunicación de congreso
Nov-1992Site-directed mutagenesis at the Exo III motif of phi 29 DNA polymerase; overlapping structural domains for the 3'-5' exonuclease and strand-displacement activitiesSoengas, M. S.; Esteban, J. A.; Lázaro, José M.; Bernad, Antonio; Blasco, María A.; Salas, Margarita; Blanco, LuisArtículo
26-May-1998Structural basis for heterogeneous kinetics: Reengineering the hairpin ribozymeEsteban, J. A.; Walter, Nils; Kotzorec, Gerd; Heckman, Joyce; Burke, John M.Artículo
20-Jul-2006Synaptic Incorporation of AMPA Receptors during LTP Is Controlled by a PKC Phosphorylation Site on GluR1Boehm, Jannic; Kang, Myoung-Goo; Johnson, Richard C.; Esteban, J. A.; Huganir, Richard L.; Malinow, RobertoArtículo
1992Terminal protein priming of DNA replication: bacteriophage phi29 as a model system.Salas, Margarita; Méndez, Javier; Esteban, J. A.Capítulo de libro
5-Feb-1992The bacteriophage ø29 DNA polymerase, a proofreading enzymeGarmendia Mendizábal, Cristina; Bernad, Antonio; Esteban, J. A.; Blanco, Luis; Salas, MargaritaArtículo
2004The exocyst and AMPA receptor delivery.Gerges, Nashaat Z.; Backos, D. S.; Esteban, J. A.Comunicación de congreso
16-Mar-2011The Hairpin Ribozyme Substrate Binding-domain: A Highly Constrained D-shaped ConformationPinard, Robert; Lambert, Dominic; Heckman, Joyce; Esteban, J. A.; Gundlach IV, William; Hampel, Ken J.; Glick, Gary D.; Walter, Nils; Major, François; Burke, John M.Artículo
2006The phosphoinositide PI(3,4,5)P3 is a regulator of postsynaptic AMPA receptor trafficking.Arendt, Kristin L.; Petrok, Cortney N.; Backos, D. S.; Esteban, J. A.Comunicación de congreso
1996Two-kinetically distinct conformations of the hairpin ribozymeEsteban, J. A.; Banerjee, Aloke Raj; Burke, John M.Comunicación de congreso

Showing results 54 to 63 of 63