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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
31-Jan-2008Water and nutrient fluxes off Northwest AfricaPastor, Maria V.; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Hernández Guerra, Alonso; Font, Jordi; Salat, Jordi; Emelianov, MikhailArtículo
14-Oct-2010Water mass transformation of the Mediterranean outflow West of GibraltarGasser, Marc; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Emelianov, Mikhail; Peters, H.; Nash, J.; García Lafuente, J.Póster
2010Winter 2009. A new step in the Western Mediterranean TransitionSalat, Jordi; Emelianov, Mikhail; Puig, Pere; Font, Jordi; Fuda, J. L.Artículo
Dec-2008XBT profilers for operational purposes: application and validation in real exercisesMachín, Francisco; Emelianov, Mikhail; Salat, Jordi; Rodríguez, Pablo; García-Ladona, Emilio; Menéndez, JavierArtículo
14-Oct-2010Zonal jets in the Atlantic Ocean as inferred from cruise data and trajectories of Argo driftersRosell Fieschi, Miquel; Pelegrí, Josep Lluís; Peña-Izquierdo, Jesús; Castellanos, Paola; de la Fuente, P.; Emelianov, Mikhail; Gasser, Marc; Gourrion, Jérôme; Mason, Evan; Salvador, Joaquín; Talone, MarcoComunicación de congreso

Showing results 67 to 71 of 71