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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2002Social structure of Andean Condor roosts: Influence of sex, age, and seasonDonázar, José A.; Feijóo, J.E.Artículo
2009Spatial and temporal patterns in the diet of the Andean condor: Ecological replacement of native fauna by exotic speciesLambertucci, Sergio A.; Trejo, A.; Di Martino, S.; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Donázar, José A.; Hiraldo, F.Artículo
22-Jun-2011Spatial Heterogeneity in Resource Distribution Promotes Facultative Sociality in Two Trans-Saharan Migratory BirdsCortés-Avizanda, Ainara; Almaraz, P.; Carrete, Martina; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Delgado Huertas, Antonio; Hiraldo, F.; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2013Species distribution models and wind farm developmentsCarrete, Martina; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Benítez, J. R.; Montoya, F.; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2005Stable isotopes reveal trophic segregation by sex and age in the southern giant petrel in two different food websForero, Manuela G.; González-Solís, Jacob; Hobson, Keith A.; Donázar, José A.; Bertellotti, Marcelo; Blanco, Guillermo; Bortolotti, Gary R.Artículo
27-Aug-2011Stress Associated With Habitat Quality And Group Living In RavensMueller, Thomas; Selva, Nuria; Cortes-Avizanda, Ainara; Lemus, Jesús Angel; Blanco, Guillermo; Heinrich, Bernd; Pugacewicz, Eugeniuz; Prins, Erik; Donázar, José A.Comunicación de congreso
Jun-2013Stressful conditions experienced by endangered Egyptian vultures on African wintering areasCarrete, Martina; Bortolotti, Gary R.; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Cortés-Avizanda, Ainara; Delgado, Antonio; Grande, Juan Manuel; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2015Supplanting ecosystem services provided by scavengers raises greenhouse gas emissionsMorales-Reyes, Z.; Pérez-García, Juan M.; Moleón, Marcos; Botella, Francisco; Carrete, Martina; Lazcano, Carolina; Moreno-Opo, Rubén; Margalida, Antoni; Donázar, José A.; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.Artículo
2009Survival in a long-lived territorial migrant: Effects of life-history traits and ecological conditions in wintering and breeding areasGrande, Juan Manuel; Serrano, David; Tavecchia, Giacomo; Carrete, Martina; Ceballos, Olga; Díaz-Delgado, Ricardo; Tella, José Luis; Donázar, José A.Artículo
30-Dec-2008Testing the goodness of supplementary feeding to enhance population viability in an endangered vultureOro, Daniel; Margalida, Antoni; Carrete, Martina; Heredia, Rafael; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2010The precautionary principle and wind-farm planning: Data scarcity does not imply absence of effectsCarrete, Martina; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Benítez, J. R.; Lobón, M.; Camiña, T.; Lekuona, J.M.; Montelío, E.; Donázar, José A.Artículo
13-Dec-2010The role of humans in the diversification of a threatened island raptorAgudo, Rosa; Rico, Ciro; Vilà, Carles; Hiraldo, F.; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2010Twig used as a tool by the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus)Stoyanova, Y.; Stefanov, N.; Donázar, José A.; Schmutz, J.K.Artículo
2013Uneven Large-Scale Movement Patterns in Wild and Reintroduced Pre-Adult Bearded Vultures: Conservation ImplicationsMargalida, Antoni; Carrete, Martina; Hegglin, Daniel; Serrano, David; Arenas, Rafael; Donázar, José A.Artículo
Oct-1998Use of European hare (Lepus europaeus) carcasses by an avian scavenging assemblage in PatagoniaTravaini, Alejandro; Donázar, José A.; Rodríguez, Alejandro; Ceballos, Olga; Funes, Martín; Delibes, M.; Hiraldo, F.Artículo
1996Variable expression of sexually mosaic plumage in female lesser kestrelsTella, José Luis; Donázar, José A.; Hiraldo, F.Artículo
2014Vultures vs livestock: conservation relationships in an emerging conflict between humans and wildlifeMargalida, Antoni; Campión, David; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2013Who are we feeding? Asymmetric individual use of surplus food resources in an insular population of the endangered Egyptian vulture Neophron percnopterusGarcía-Heras, Maria Sophie; Cortés-Avizanda, Ainara; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2011Widening the problem of lead poisoning to a South-American top scavenger: Lead concentrations in feathers of wild Andean condorsLambertucci, Sergio A.; Donázar, José A.; Huertas, A.D.; Jiménez, Begoña; Sáez, Mónica; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Hiraldo, F.Artículo
Aug-2010Winners and losers in human-made habitats: interspecific competition outcomes in two Neotropical vulturesCarrete, Martina; Lambertucci, Sergio A.; Speziale, Karina L.; Ceballos, Olga; Travaini, Alejandro; Delibes, M.; Hiraldo, F.; Donázar, José A.Artículo

Showing results 113 to 132 of 132