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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2007Habitat, human pressure, and social behavior: Partialling out factors affecting large-scale territory extinction in an endangered vultureCarrete, Martina; Grande, Juan Manuel; Tella, José Luis; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Donázar, José A.; Díaz-Delgado, Ricardo; Romo, AlfredoArtículo
1999Habitat, world geographic range, and embryonic development of hosts explain the prevalence of avian hematozoa at small spatial and phylogenetic scalesTella, José Luis; Blanco, Guillermo; Forero, Manuela G.; Gajón, A.; Donázar, José A.; Hiraldo, F.Artículo
1990High frequency of polyandrous trios in an endangered population of lammergeiers Gypaetus barbatus in Northern SpainHeredia, Rafael; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2004High trophic overlap within the seabird community of Argentinean Patagonia: A multiscale approachForero, Manuela G.; Bortolotti, Gary R.; Hobson, Keith A.; Donázar, José A.; Bertellotti, Marcelo; Blanco, GuillermoArtículo
2014Humans and scavengers: The evolution of interactions and ecosystem servicesMoleón, Marcos; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Margalida, Antoni; Carrete, Martina; Owen-Smith, Norman; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2003Imminent extinction of the guanay cormorant on the Atlantic South American coast: A conservation concern?Bertellotti, Marcelo; Donázar, José A.; Blanco, Guillermo; Forero, Manuela G.Artículo
2013Interactive effects of obligate scavengers and scavenger community richness on lagomorph carcass consumption patternsSebastián-González, Esther; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Donázar, José A.; Selva, Nuria; Cortés-Avizanda, Ainara; Hiraldo, F.; Bázquez, Miguel; Botella, Francisco; Moleón, MarcosArtículo
1997Is the expressin of male traits in female lesser Kestrels related to sexual selectionTella, José Luis; Forero, Manuela G.; Donázar, José A.; Hiraldo, F.Artículo
2008Isolation and characterization of 18 microsatellite loci in the Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus)Agudo, Rosa; Roques, Séverine; Galarza, Juan A.; Rico, Ciro; Hiraldo, F.; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2003Land use changes and raptor conservation in steppe habitats of Eastern KazakhstanSánchez-Zapata, José A.; Carrete, Martina; Gravilov, A.; Sklyarenko, S.; Ceballos, Olga; Donázar, José A.; Hiraldo, F.Artículo
2009Large scale risk-assessment of wind-farms on population viability of a globally endangered long-lived raptorCarrete, Martina; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Benítez, J. R.; Lobón, M.; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2012Large-Scale Age-Dependent Skewed Sex Ratio in a Sexually Dimorphic Avian ScavengerLambertucci, Sergio A.; Carrete, Martina; Donázar, José A.; Hiraldo, F.Artículo
2010Large-scale human effects on an arid African raptor communityAnadón, J. D.; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Carrete, Martina; Donázar, José A.; Hiraldo, F.Artículo
2013Lead Ammunition and Illegal Poisoning: Further International Agreements Are Needed to Preserve Vultures and the Crucial Sanitary Service They ProvideMargalida, Antoni; Donázar, José A.; Alerttaz, RaphaëlArtículo
2004Levels of polychlorinated biphenyls and organochlorine pesticides in serum samples of Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus) from SpainGómara, B.; Ramos, L.; Donázar, José A.; Gangoso, Laura; González, M. J.Artículo
27-Jun-2006Linking ecology, behaviour and conservation: does habitat saturation change the mating system of bearded vultures?Carrete, Martina; Donázar, José A.; Margalida, Antoni; Bertran, JoanArtículo
7-Nov-2008Long-term effects of lead poisoning on bone mineralization in vultures exposed to ammunition sourcesGangoso, Laura; Álvarez-Lloret, Pedro; Rodríguez-Navarro, Alejandro A.B.; Mateo, Rafael; Hiraldo, F.; Donázar, José A.Artículo
2012Long-term relationship between diet breadth and breeding success in a declining population of Egyptian Vultures Neophron percnopterusMargalida, Antoni; Benítez, J. R.; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Ávila, Enrique; Arenas, Rafael; Donázar, José A.Artículo
Mar-2009Long-Term Trends in Population Size and Breeding Success in the Egyptian Vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in Northern SpainCortés-Avizanda, Ainara; Ceballos, Olga; Donázar, José A.Artículo
May-2010Managing supplementary feeding for avian scavengers: Guidelines for optimal design using ecological criteriaCortés-Avizanda, Ainara; Donázar, José A.; Carrete, MartinaArtículo

Showing results 63 to 82 of 132