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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess1998Conflicts between Lesser Kestrel conservation and European agricultural policies as identified by habitat use analysesTella, José Luis; Forero, Manuela G.; Hiraldo, F.; Donázar, José A.
openAccess2002Conservation status and limiting factors in the endangered population of Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in the Canary IslandsDonázar, José A.; Palacios, César J.; Gangoso, Laura; Ceballos, Olga; González, M. J.; Hiraldo, F.
openAccess2006Contradiction in conservation of island ecosystems: Plants, introduced herbivores and avian scavengers in the Canary IslandsGangoso, Laura; Donázar, José A.; Scholz, Sonja; Palacios, César J.; Hiraldo, F.
openAccessMay-2011Coping with uncertainty: breeding adjustments to an unpredictable environment in an opportunistic raptorSergio, Fabrizio; Blas, Julio; López, Lidia; Tanferna, Alessandro; Díaz-Delgado, Ricardo; Donázar, José A.; Hiraldo, F.
openAccess25-Apr-2002Coprophagy: An unusual source of essential carotenoids A yellow-faced vulture includes ungulate faeces in its diet for cosmetic purposes.Negro, Juan José; Grande, Juan Manuel; Tella, José Luis; Garrido Fernández, J.; Hornero-Méndez, Dámaso; Donázar, José A.; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Benítez, J. R.; Barcell, M.
closedAccessJun-1992Copulatory behaviour in a colony of lesser kestrels: sperm competition and mixed reproductive strategiesNegro, Juan J.; Donázar, José A.; Hiraldo, F.
openAccess2004Demografía y Conservación del Alimoche (Neophron percnopterus) en el Sistema Bético occidental.Benítez, J. R.; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; De la Riva, M.; Hernández, Francsico José; Carrete, Martina; Donázar, José A.
closedAccess1998Density-dependent effects on productivity in the Griffon Vulture Gyps fulvus: The role of interference and habitat heterogeneityFernández, C.; Azkona, Paz; Donázar, José A.
closedAccess1996Density-dependent fecundity by habitat heterogeneity in an increasing population of Spanish Imperial EaglesFerrer, Miguel; Donázar, José A.
openAccess2006Density-dependent productivity depression in Pyrenean Bearded Vultures: Implications for conservationCarrete, Martina; Donázar, José A.; Margalida, Antoni
openAccess2002Description of a new subespecies of the egyptian vulture (Accipitridae: Aeophron percjvofterus) from the Canary islands.Donázar, José A.; Negro, Juan J.; Palacios, César J.; Gangoso, Laura; Godoy, José A.; Ceballos, Olga; Hiraldo, F.; Capote, Nieves
closedAccess2002Description of a new subspecies of the Egyptian Vulture (Accipitridae: Neophron percnopterus) from the Canary IslandsDonázar, José A.; Negro, Juan J.; Palacios, César J.; Gangoso, Laura; Godoy, José A.; Ceballos, Olga; Hiraldo, F.; Capote, Nieves
openAccess2007Desert locust outbreaks in the Sahel: Resource competition, predation and ecological effects of pest controlSánchez-Zapata, José A.; Donázar, José A.; Delgado, Antonio; Forero, Manuela G.; Ceballos, Olga; Hiraldo, F.
openAccess2002Determining sex of Magellanic Penguins using molecular procedures and discriminant functionsBertellotti, Marcelo; Tella, José Luis; Godoy, José A.; Blanco, Guillermo; Forero, Manuela G.; Donázar, José A.; Ceballos, Olga
closedAccess2014Diclofenac Approval as a Threat to Spanish VulturesMargalida, Antoni; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Blanco, Guillermo; Hiraldo, F.; Donázar, José A.
openAccessSep-2009Diet of the American Kestrel in Argentine PatagoniaSantillán, Miguel Angel; Travaini, Alejandro; Zapata, Sonia C.; Rodríguez, Alejandro; Donázar, José A.
closedAccess2003Diet of three sympatric Owls in steppe habitats of eastern KazakhstanNavarro, Joan; Sánchez-Zapata, José A.; Carrete, Martina; Botella, Francisco; Gavrilov, Alexey A.; Sklyarenko, S.; Donázar, José A.; Ceballos, Olga; Hiraldo, F.
closedAccess2010Dietary shifts in two vultures after the demise of supplementary feeding stations: consequences of the EU sanitary legislationDonázar, José A.; Carrete, Martina; Cortés-Avizanda, Ainara
openAccessApr-1997Differential habitat selection by immature and adult Grey Eagle-buzzards Geranoaetus melanoleucusBustamante, Javier; Donázar, José A.; Hiraldo, F.; Ceballos, Olga; Travaini, Alejandro
openAccess2004Dispersal and social attraction affect colony selection and dynamics of lesser kestrelsSerrano, David; Forero, Manuela G.; Donázar, José A.; Tella, José Luis