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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
1993Optimum exploitation of a demersal resource in the western Mediterranean: the fishery of the deep-water shrimp Aristeus antennatus (Risso, 1816)Demestre, Montserrat; Martín, PalomaArtículo
Jan-2014Performance of a northwestern Mediterranean bottom trawl fleet: How the integration of landings and VMS data can contribute to the implementation of ecosystem-based fisheries managementMartín, Paloma; Muntadas, Alba; de Juan, Silvia; Sánchez, Pilar; Demestre, MontserratArtículo
10-Sep-2012Performance of a NW mediterranean bottom trawl fleet as a tool for managementMartín, Paloma; Muntadas, Alba; Sánchez, Pilar; de Juan, Silvia; Demestre, MontserratComunicación de congreso
2012Plàstics al fons marí: el projecte COMSOM a PalamósDemestre, Montserrat; Masó, MercedesLibro
Apr-2012Plásticos colonizadosFortuño Alós, José Manuel; Masó, Mercedes; Sáez‑Liante, Raquel; de Juan, Silvia; Demestre, MontserratTrabajo de divulgación
1993Population dynamics of Aristeus antennatus (Decapoda: Dendrobranchiata) in the northwestern MediterraneanDemestre, Montserrat; Lleonart, JordiArtículo
2013Project to raise society awareness to the impact of marine debris on the seabed: Pilot Plan in the Mediterranean SeaDemestre, Montserrat; Vallejo, Elia; Masó, Mercedes; de Juan, Silvia; Sáez‑Liante, Raquel; Muntadas, Alba; García-de-Vinuesa, Alfredo; Sánchez, Pilar; Martín, Paloma; Fortuño Alós, José ManuelComunicación de congreso
Jun-2008Relationship between condition and recruitment success of red shrimp (Aristeus antennatus) in the Balearic Sea (Northwestern Mediterranean)Carbonell, Aina; Lloret, Josep; Demestre, MontserratArtículo
Nov-2010Relationships between somatic tissues, reproductive organs and fishing season in the commercially exploited European squid Loligo vulgaris from the western Mediterranean SeaSánchez, Pilar; Demestre, MontserratArtículo
2008Saccular otolith mass asymmetry in adult flatfishesLychakov, D.V.; Rebane, Y.T.; Lombarte, Antoni; Demestre, Montserrat; Fuiman, L.A.Artículo
22-Jul-2008Seasonal closures as a measure of trawling effort control in two Mediterranean trawling grounds: Effects on epibenthic communitiesDemestre, Montserrat; de Juan, Silvia; Sartor, Paolo; Ligas, AlessandroArtículo
2010SEM microphotographs of biofouling organisms on floating and benthis plastic debrisFortuño Alós, José Manuel; Masó, Mercedes; Sáez‑Liante, Raquel; de Juan, Silvia; Demestre, MontserratArtículo
2001Settlement and juvenile habitat of the European spiny lobster Palinurus elephas (Crustacea: Decapoda: Palinuridae) in the western Mediterranean SeaAbelló, Pere; Demestre, Montserrat; Díaz, David; Marí, MarcArtículo
28-Nov-2013The Co-management Committee of the Catalan Sand-eel Fishery: a bottom-up approach successfully delivering on sustainability for fish and fishingSainz-Trápaga, S.; Demestre, Montserrat; Lleonart, Jordi; Martín, Paloma; Sánchez, Pilar; Tudela, S.Comunicación de congreso
Apr-2014The co-management of the sand eel fishery of Catalonia (NW Mediterranean): the story of a processLleonart, Jordi; Demestre, Montserrat; Martín, Paloma; Rodón, Jordi; Sainz-Trápaga, Susana; Sánchez, Pilar; Segarra, Itziar; Tudela, SergiArtículo
1999The red shrimp Aristeus antennatus (Risso, 1816) fishery and biology in the Balearic Islands, Western MediterraneanCarbonell, Aina; Carbonell, María; Demestre, Montserrat; Grau, Antoni Maria; Monserrat, SebastiàArtículo
Jan-2008Towards new approaches to fisheries management in the Mediterranean SeaLloret, Josep; Demestre, Montserrat; Casadevall, Margarida; Muñoz, MartaCapítulo de libro
Dec-2007Trawl catch composition during different fishing intensity periods in two Mediterranean demersal fishing groundsSánchez, Pilar; Recasens, Laura; Demestre, Montserrat; Sartor, Paolo; Ligas, Alessandro; Martín, Javier; Ranieri, Stefano deArtículo
Apr-2014Trawling disturbance on benthic ecosystems and consequences on commercial species: a northwestern Mediterranean case studyMuntadas, Alba; Demestre, Montserrat; de Juan, Silvia; Frid, Chris L.J.Artículo

Showing results 43 to 61 of 61