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openAccessPhysRevLett.108.213904.pdf.jpg23-May-2012Adler synchronization of spatial laser solitons pinned by defectsPaulau, P. V.; McIntyre, C.; Noblet, Y.; Radwell, N.; Firth, William J.; Colet, Pere; Ackemann, Thorsten; Oppo, Gian-LucaArtículo
openAccessdownfile.pdf.jpgJan-2010All Optical Logical Operations Using Excitable Cavity SolitonsJacobo, Adrián; Gomila, Damià; Colet, Pere; Matías, Manuel A.Capítulo de libro
openAccessAllOptical03.pdf.jpg28-Mar-2003All-optical image processing with cavity type-II Second Harmonic GenerationScotto, Pierre; Colet, Pere; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
openAccessPSI618408.pdf.jpg17-Apr-2006All-optical two-mode switching in semiconductor ring lasersScirè, Alessandro; Sorel, Marc; Giuliani, Guido; Colet, Pere; Pérez, Toni; Mirasso, Claudio R.Artículo
openAccess01411957.pdf.jpg5-Apr-2005Analysis and Characterization of the Hyperchaos Generated by a Semiconductor Laser Subject to a Delayed Feedback LoopVicente, Raúl; Daudén, José; Colet, Pere; Toral, RaúlArtículo
openAccessbig_data_urban_mobility_Tugores.pdf.jpg2013Big data and urban mobilityTugores, Maria Antonia; Colet, PereComunicación de congreso
openAccessOXPerezetal2007.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2007Bistability and all-optical switching in semiconductor ring lasersPérez, Toni; Scirè, Alessandro; Van der Sande, Guy; Colet, Pere; Mirasso, Claudio R.Artículo
openAccessdissertation.pdf.jpg2011Chaos and Synchronization in Opto-electronic Devices with Delayed FeedbackNguimdo, Romain ModesteTesis
closedAccess11-Jul-2008Chaos based communications using semiconductor lasers subject to feedback from an integrated double cavityTronciu, Vasile; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Colet, PereArtículo
openAccessJQE-2-draft.pdf.jpg12-Dec-2010Chaos Generation and Synchronization Using an Integrated Source With an Air GapTronciu, Vasile; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Colet, Pere; Hamacher, H.; Benedetti, Mauro; Vercesi, V.; Annovazzi-Lodi, ValerioArtículo
openAccessgetPDF.pdf.jpgApr-2010Chaos-Based Optical Communications: Encryption Versus Nonlinear FilteringJacobo, Adrián; Soriano, Miguel C.; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Colet, PereArtículo
openAccessPhysRevLett_95_203903.pdf.jpg9-Nov-2005Chaotic breathers in delayed electro-optical systemsChembo Kouomou, Yanne; Colet, Pere; Larger, Laurent; Gastaud, NicolasArtículo
closedAccess23-Jun-2008Chaotic dynamics of a semiconductor laser with double cavity feedback: applications to phase shift keying modulationTronciu, Vasile; Ermakov, Ilya; Colet, Pere; Mirasso, Claudio R.Artículo
openAccessdissipative_solitons_Parra.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2016Competition between drift and spatial defects leads to oscillatory and excitable dynamics of dissipative solitonsParra-Rivas, P.; Gomila, Damià; Matías, Manuel A.; Colet, Pere; Gelens, LendertArtículo
openAccessControl of chaos.pdf.jpg1996Control of chaos in multimode solid state lasers by the use of small periodic perturbationsColet, Pere; Braiman, YehudaArtículo
openAccessa87_pra79_013817.pdf.jpg21-Jan-2009Controlling the emission properties of multimode vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers via polarization- and frequency-selective feedbackKouomou Chembo, Y.; Mandre, Shyam K.; Fischer, Ingo; Elsässer, Wolfgang; Colet, PereArtículo
openAccesscb.p.21-tue.pdf.jpg2009Controlling the unstable emission of a semiconductor laser subject to conventional optical feedback with a filtered feedback branchErmakov, Ilya; Tronciu, Vasile; Colet, Pere; Mirasso, Claudio R.Comunicación de congreso
openAccessOptExp-1.pdf.jpg25-May-2009Controlling the unstable emission of a semiconductor laser subject to conventional optical feedback with a filtered feedback branchErmakov, Ilya; Tronciu, Vasile; Colet, Pere; Mirasso, Claudio R.Artículo
openAccessgl_convectivo.pdf.jpg1999Convective and absolute instabilities in the subcritical Ginzburg-Landau equationColet, Pere; Walgraef, Daniel; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
openAccessPTL-Feb02.pdf.jpgFeb-2002Criteria for synchronization of coupled chaotic external-cavity semiconductor lasersRevuelta, José; Mirasso, Claudio R.; Colet, Pere; Pesquera, LuisArtículo