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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg1996Synchronization of chaotic semiconductor lasers: Application to encoded communicationsMirasso, Claudio R.; Colet, Pere; García-Fernández, P.Artículo
openAccessPRE36201.pdf.jpg3-Sep-2003Synchronization of vectorial noise-sustained structuresIzús, Gonzalo; Colet, Pere; San Miguel, Maxi; Santagiustina, MarcoArtículo
closedAccess23-Jul-2004Synchronization Properties of Chaotic Semiconductor Lasers and Applications to EncryptionMirasso, Claudio R.; Vicente, Raúl; Colet, Pere; Mulet, Josep; Pérez, ToniArtículo
openAccessPRE-Miguel.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2008Synchronization properties of coupled semiconductor lasers subject to filtered optical feedbackSoriano, Miguel C.; Ruiz-Oliveras, Flavio; Colet, Pere; Mirasso, Claudio R.Artículo
openAccessSynchronization transitions.pdf.jpg1996Synchronization transitions in a disordered Josephson series arrayWiesenfeld, K.; Colet, Pere; Strogatz, S. H.Artículo
openAccess2007-pre.pdf.jpg9-Jan-2007Theory of collective firing induced by noise or diversity in excitable mediaTessone, Claudio J.; Scirè, Alessandro; Toral, Raúl; Colet, PereArtículo
openAccessPRA11801.pdf.jpg24-Jul-2003Transition from hexagons to optical turbulenceGomila, Damià; Colet, PereArtículo
openAccessTransverse_Patterns.pdf.jpg2001Transverse Patterns in Type-II Optical Parametric OscillatorsIzús, Gonzalo; Santagiustina, Marco; San Miguel, Maxi; Colet, PereCapítulo de libro
openAccesstuning_period_Martinez.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2014Tuning the period of square-wave oscillations for delay-coupled optoelectronic systemsMartínez-Llinàs, Jade; Colet, Pere; Erneux, ThomasArtículo
openAccesstweets_road_Lenormand.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2014Tweets on the RoadLenormand, Maxime; Tugores, Maria Antonia; Colet, Pere; Ramasco, José J.Artículo
openAccessTwo-dimensional.pdf.jpg1998Two-dimensional noise-sustained structures in optical parametric oscillatorsSantagiustina, Marco; Colet, Pere; San Miguel, Maxi; Walgraef, DanielArtículo
openAccessPSI618405.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2006Two-mode dynamics in different semiconductor laser structuresScirè, Alessandro; Sorel, Marc; Colet, Pere; Tessone, Claudio J.; Mirasso, Claudio R.; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
openAccessSHAppPhysFinal.pdf.jpg25-Oct-2005Use of nonlinear properties of intracavity type II second harmonic generation for image processingJacobo, Adrián; Colet, Pere; Scotto, Pierre; San Miguel, MaxiArtículo
openAccessvortex-article-PaulauOptExp.pdf.jpg2010Vortex solitons in lasers with feedbackPaulau, P. V.; Gomila, Damià; Colet, Pere; Loiko, N. A.; Rosanov, Nokolay; Ackemann, Thorsten; Firth, William J.Artículo
openAccesswlak-off.pdf.jpg1998Walk-off and pattern selection in optical parametric oscillatorsSantagiustina, Marco; Colet, Pere; San Miguel, Maxi; Walgraef, DanielArtículo
openAccessweb_interface_Tugores.pdf.jpg2012Web interface for generic grid jobs, Web4GridTugores, Maria Antonia; Colet, PereArtículo
openAccess2011WEB4GRIDTugores, Maria Antonia; Colet, PereVideo