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2011Integrating the intrinsic conformational preferences of noncoded α-amino acids modified at the peptide bond into the noncoded amino acids databaseRevilla-López, G.; Calaza, M. Isabel; Zanuy, David; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Nussinov, Ruth; Alemán, CarlosArtículo
2012Microwave-assisted high diastereoselective synthesis of α-aminophosphonates under solvent and catalyst free-conditionsCativiela, Carlos; Ordóñez, MarioArtículo
2013Multistimuli-responsive supramolecular organogels formed by low-molecular-weight peptides bearing side-chain azobenzene moietiesFatás, Paola; Bachl, Jürgen; Oehm, Stefan; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Díaz Díaz, DavidArtículo
Oct-2010Nanoparticle-induced vascular blockade in human prostate cancerAgemy, Lilach; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Zanuy, David; Alemán, Carlos; Nussinov, RuthArtículo
2010NCAD, a Database Integrating the Intrinsic Conformational Preferences of Non-Coded Amino AcidsRevilla-López, G.; Casanovas, Jordi; Calaza, M. Isabel; Zanuy, David; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Nussinov, Ruth; Alemán, CarlosArtículo
Sep-2006A new approach to enantiopure β-endo-substituted azabicyclic proline analogues by base induced epimerization of a formyl derivativeGil, Alejandrona M.; Buñuel, Elena; Cativiela, CarlosArtículo
4-Jun-2007A new constrained proline analogue with an 8-azabicyclo[3.2.1]octane skeleton.Casabona, Diego; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, CarlosArtículo
2006New Gly-Pro-Glu (GPE) analogues: Expedite solid-phase synthesis and biological activityAlonso De Diego, Sergio A.; Gutiérrez-Rodríguez, Marta; Pérez de Vega, M. Jesús; Casabona, Diego; Cativiela, Carlos; González-Muñiz, Rosario; Herranz, Rosario; Cenarruzabeitia, Edurne; Frechilla, Diana; Del Río, Joaquín; Jimeno, M. Luisa; García-López, M. TeresaArtículo
2011One-pot three-component highly diastereoselective synthesis of isoindolin-1-one-3-phosphonates under solvent and catalyst free-conditionsViveros-Ceballos, José Luis; Cativiela, Carlos; Ordóñez, MarioArtículo
2011Organocatalyzed Michael addition reaction by novel (2R,3aS,7aS)-octa-hydroindole-2-carboxylic acid, a new fused prolineRoca-López, David; Merino, Pedro; Sayago, Francisco J.; Cativiela, Carlos; Herrera, Raquel P.Artículo
2013Organophotocatalysis in nanostructured soft gel materials as tunable reaction vessels: comparison with homogeneous and micellar solutionsBachl, Jürgen; Hohenleutner, Andreas; Bijayi Dhar, Basab; Cativiela, Carlos; Maitra, Uday; König, Burkhard; Díaz Díaz, DavidArtículo
2010Ortho-Palladation of (Z)-2-Aryl-4-Arylidene-5(4H)-Oxazolones. Structure and FunctionalizationRoiban, Gheorghe-Doru; Serrano, Elena; Soler, Tatiana; Cativiela, Carlos; Urriolabeitia, Esteban P.Artículo
2012Phenylboronic acid as efficient and eco-friendly catalyst for the one-pot, three-component synthesis of α-aminophosphonates under solvent-free conditionsCativiela, Carlos; Ordóñez, MarioArtículo
2013Photocontrolled self-assembly of a bis-azobenzene-containing α-amino acidMba, Miriam; Mazzier, Daniela; Silvestrini, Simone; Toniolo, Claudio; Fatás, Paola; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Moretto, AlessandroArtículo
2011Practical access to the proline analogs (S,S,S)- and (R,R,R)-2- methyloctahydroindole-2-carboxylic acids by HPLC enantioseparationSayago, Francisco J.; Pueyo, María J.; Calaza, M. Isabel; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, CarlosArtículo
10-Nov-2005Preferred 3D-structure of peptides rich in a severely conformationally restricted cyclopropane analogue of phenylalanineCrisma, Marco; Borggraeve, Wim M. de; Peggion, Cristina; Formaggio, Fernando; Royo, Soledad; Jiménez, Ana I.; Cativiela, Carlos; Toniolo, ClaudioArtículo
2013Proton-conducting supramolecular metallogels from the lowest molecular weight assembler ligand: A quote for simplicitySaha, Subhadeep; Schön, Eva-Maria; Cativiela, Carlos; Díaz Díaz, David; Banerjee, RahulArtículo
2011Quantum-chemical predictions of redox potentials of carbamates in methanolHaya, Luisa; Sayago, Francisco J.; Cativiela, CarlosArtículo
2012Reactivity of unsaturated 5(4H)-oxazolones with Hg(II) acetate: Synthesis of methyl N-benzoylamino-3-arylacrylatesRoiban, Gheorghe-Doru; Soler, Tatiana; Contel, María; Grosu, Ion; Cativiela, Carlos; Urriolabeitia, Esteban P.Artículo
Mar-2007Recent progress on the stereoselective synthesis of acyclic quaternary α-amino acidsCativiela, Carlos; Díaz-de-Villegas, María D.Artículo

Showing results 29 to 48 of 74