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5-Jul-2010Temporal dynamics of soil water balance components in a Mediterranean carbonate range in SE Spain: estimation of potential rechargeCantón, Yolanda; Villagarcía, Luis; Moro, María José; Serrano-Ortíz, Penélope; Were, Ana; Alcalá, Francisco J.; Kowalski, Andrew S.; Solé-Benet, Albert; Lázaro, Roberto; Domingo, FranciscoArtículo
15-Dec-2011Two-Dimensional Porosity of Crusted Silty Soils: Indicators of Soil Quality in Semiarid Rangelands?Miralles-Mellado, Isabel; Cantón, Yolanda; Solé-Benet, AlbertArtículo
30-Dec-2010Why most agricultural terraces in steep slopes in semiarid SE Spain remain well preserved since their abandonment 50 years go?Solé-Benet, Albert; Lázaro, R.; Domingo, Francisco; Cantón, Yolanda; Puigdefábregas, JuanArtículo

Showing results 12 to 14 of 14