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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Large-scale preparation and labelling reactions of deuterated silanesCampos, Jesús; Rubio, Miguel; Esqueda Oliva, Ana Cristina; Carmona, ErnestoArtículo
2013Mechanism of hydrogenolysis of an iridium-methyl bond: Evidence for a methane complex intermediateCampos, Jesús; Kundu, S.; Pahis, D.R.; Brookhart, M.; Carmona, Ernesto; Cundari, T.R.Artículo
2015Reactivity of cationic agostic and carbene structures derived from platinum(II) metallacyclesCampos, Jesús; Ortega-Moreno, L.; Conejero, Salvador; Peloso, Riccardo; López-Serrano, Joaquín; Maya, Celia; Carmona, ErnestoArtículo
2011Rhodium-catalyzed, efficient deutero- and tritiosilylation of carbonyl compounds from hydrosilanes and deuterium or tritiumRubio Moreno, Miguel; Campos, Jesús; Carmona Guzmán, ErnestoArtículo
2011Synthesis and reactivity of half-sandwich (eta(5)-C(5) Me(5))Ir(III)complexes of a cyclometallated aryl phosphine ligandCampos, Jesús; Álvarez, Eleuterio; Carmona Guzmán, ErnestoArtículo

Showing results 6 to 10 of 10