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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2010Major and trace elements in soils in the Central Pyrenees: high altitude soils as a cumulative record of background atmospheric contamination over SW EuropeBacardit, Montserrat; Camarero, LluísArtículo
2015Microbial food web components, bulk metabolism, and single-cell physiology of piconeuston in surface microlayers of high-altitude lakesSarmento, Hugo; Casamayor, Emilio O.; Auguet, Jean-Cristophe; Vila-Costa, Maria; Felip, Marisol; Camarero, Lluís; Gasol, Josep M.Artículo
2010Modelling Pb, Zn and As transfer from terrestrial to aquatic ecosystems during the ice-free season in three Pyrenean catchmentsBacardit, Montserrat; Camarero, LluísArtículo
1-Apr-2006Modelling the dynamic aire-water-sediment coupled fluxes and occurrence of polychlorinated biphenyls in a high altitude lakeMeijer, Sandra N.; Dachs, Jordi; Fernández Ramón, M. Pilar; Camarero, Lluís; Catalán, Jordi; Vento, Sabino del; Van Drooge, Barend L.; Jurado, Elena; Grimalt, Joan O.Artículo
2013Mountain waters as witnesses of global pollutionCatalan, Jordi; Bartrons, Mireia; Camarero, Lluís; Grimalt, Joan O.Capítulo de libro
2009On the climate and weather of mountain and sub-arctic lakes in Europe and their susceptibility to future climate change.Thompson, R.; Ventura, Marc; Camarero, LluísArtículo
1-Aug-2010Palaeoenvironmental and palaeoseismic implications of a 3700-year sedimentary record from proglacial Lake Barrancs (Maladeta Massif, Central Pyrenees, Spain)Cruz Larrasoaña, Juan; Ortuño, María; Birks, Hilary H.; Valero-Garcés, Blas L.; Parés, Josep María; Copons, Ramón; Camarero, Lluís; Bordonau, JaumeArtículo
21-Jul-2005Passive sampling of atmospheric organochlorine compounds by SPMDs in a remote high mountain areaVan Drooge, Barend L.; Grimalt, Joan O.; Booij, Kees; Camarero, Lluís; Catalán, JordiArtículo
2011Phosphate sorption characteristics of European alpine soilsKana, J.; Kopacek, J.; Camarero, Lluís; García-Pausas, J.Artículo
2011Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in soils from European high mountain areasQuiroz, Roberto; Grimalt, Joan O.; Fernández, Pilar; Camarero, Lluís; Catalán, Jordi; Stuchlík, Evzen; Thies, Hansjörg; Nickus, UlrikeArtículo
2009Regionalisation of chemical variability in European mountain lakesCamarero, Lluís; Rogora, M.; Mosello, R.; Anderson, N. J.; Barbieri, A.; Botev, I.; Kernan, M.; Kopacek, J.; Korhola, A.; Lotter, A. F.; Muri, G.; Postolache, C.; Stuchlík, Evzen; Thies, Hansjörg; Wright, R. F.Artículo
2011Seasonal changes in the freshwater ammonia-oxidizing archaeal assemblages and nitrogen species of an oligotrophic alpine areaAuguet, Jean-Christophe; Nomokonova, Natalya; Camarero, Lluís; Casamayor, Emilio O.Artículo
2002Seasonal ecosystem variability in remote mountain lakes. Implications for detecting climatic signals in sediment records.Catalán, Jordi; Ventura, Marc; Brancelj, A.; Granados, I.; Thies, Hansjörg; Nickus, Ulrike; Korhola, A.; Lotter, A. F.; Barbieri, A.; Stuchlík, Evzen; Lien, P.; Bitusik, P.; Buchaca, Teresa; Camarero, Lluís; Goudsmit, G. H.; Kopacek, J.; Lemcke, G.; Livingstone, D. M.; Müller, B.; Rautio, M.; Sisko, M.; Sorvari, S.; Sporka, F.; Strunecky, O.; Toro, M.Artículo
Feb-2007Soil organic carbon storage in mountain grasslands of the Pyrenees: effects of climate and topographyGarcía-Pausas, J.; Casals, P.; Camarero, Lluís; Huguet, Carme; Sebastià, Maria Teresa; Thompson, R.; Romanyà, JoanArtículo
2015The effects of the NAO on the ice phenology of Spanish alpine lakesSánchez-López, G.; Hernández, A.; Pla-Rabes, S.; Toro, M.; Granados, I.; Sigró, J.; Trigo, Ricardo M.; Rubio-Inglés, M. J.; Camarero, Lluís; Valero-Garcés, B.; Giralt, S.Artículo
2009Trace elements in alpine and arctic lake sediments as a record of diffuse atmospheric contamination across EuropeCamarero, Lluís; Botev, I.; Muri, G.; Psenner, Roland; Rose, N.; Stuchlík, EvzenArtículo
2002Trends in the water chemistry of high mountain lakes in EuropeMosello, R.; Lami, A.; Marchetto, A.; Rogora, M.; Wathne, B.; Lien, L.; Catalán, Jordi; Camarero, Lluís; Ventura, Marc; Psenner, Roland; Koinig, K.; Thies, Hansjörg; Sommaruga-Wögrath, S.; Nickus, Ulrike; Tait, D.; Thaler, B.; Barbieri, A.; harriman, R.Artículo
12-Apr-2012Vertical segregation and phylogenetic characterization of ammonia-oxidizing Archaea in a deep oligotrophic lakeAuguet, Jean-Christophe; Triadó-Margarit, Xavier; Nomokonova, Natalya; Camarero, Lluís; Casamayor, Emilio O.Artículo
29-Apr-2009Viability and potential for immigration of airborne bacteria from Africa that reach high mountain lakes in EuropeHervàs, Anna; Camarero, Lluís; Reche, I.; Casamayor, Emilio O.Artículo
2011Whole-catchment inventories of trace metals in soils and sediments in mountain lake catchments in the Central Pyrenees: Apportioning the anthropogenic and natural contributionsBacardit, Montserrat; Krachler, M.; Camarero, LluísArtículo

Showing results 27 to 46 of 46