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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccessMay-2010Carbon and nitrogen accretion in the topsoil of the Middle Ebro River Floodplains (NE Spain): Implications for their ecological restorationCabezas, Álvaro; Comín, Francisco A.
closedAccessOct-2009Changing patterns of organic carbon and nitrogen accretion on the middle Ebro floodplain (NE Spain)Cabezas, Álvaro; Comín, Francisco A.; Walling, D. E.
closedAccess1-Jun-2007Creating wetlands for the improvement of water quality and landscape restoration in semi-arid zones degraded by intensive agricultural useMoreno-Mateos, David; Pedrocchi Renault, César; Comín, Francisco A.; García-Antón, Mercedes; Cabezas, Álvaro
closedAccess2011Effectiveness of a Newly Created Oxbow Lake to Mitigate Habitat Loss and Increase Biodiversity in a Regulated FloodplainGallardo, Belinda; Cabezas, Álvaro; Gónzalez, Eduardo; Comín, Francisco A.
closedAccessDec-2008Effects of hydrological connectivity on the substrate and understory structure of riparian wetlands in the Middle Ebro River (NE Spain): Implications for restoration and managementCabezas, Álvaro; Gónzalez, Eduardo; Gallardo, Belinda; García-Antón, Mercedes; González-Sanchis, María; Comín, Francisco A.
openAccess2007First approach to understanding riparian wetlands in the Middle Ebro River floodplain (NE, Spain): Structural characteristics and functional dynamicsGallardo, Belinda; García-Antón, Mercedes; Cabezas, Álvaro; Gónzalez, Eduardo; Ciancarelli, Cecilia; González-Sanchis, María; Comín, Francisco A.
openAccessFeb-2009Hydrologic and landscape changes in the Middle Ebro River (NE Spain): Implications for restoration and managementCabezas, Álvaro; Comín, Francisco A.; Beguería, Santiago; Trabucchi, M.
closedAccess2008Macroinvertebrate patterns along environmental gradients and hydrological connectivity within a regulated river-floodplainGallardo, Belinda; García-Antón, Mercedes; Cabezas, Álvaro; Gónzalez, Eduardo; González-Sanchis, María; Ciancarelli, Cecilia; Comín, Francisco A.
embargoedAccess30-Jan-2015Modelling sediment deposition and phosphorus retention in a river floodplainGonzález-Sanchis, María; Murillo, J.; Cabezas, Álvaro; Vermaat, Jan E.; Comín, Francisco A.; García-Navarro, P.
closedAccessApr-2010Recent Changes in the Riparian Forest of a Large Regulated Mediterranean River: Implications for ManagementGónzalez, Eduardo; González-Sanchis, María; Cabezas, Álvaro; Comín, Francisco A.; Muller, Etienne
openAccessJan-2009Relationship between invertebrate traits and lateral environmental gradients in a Mediterranean river-floodplainGallardo, Belinda; Gascón, Stephanie; Cabezas, Álvaro; González-Sanchis, María; García-Antón, Mercedes; Comín, Francisco A.
openAccessAug-2010Spatial variability in floodplain sedimentation: the use of generalized linear mixed-effects modelsCabezas, Álvaro; Angulo-Martínez, Marta; González-Sanchis, María; Jiménez, Juan J.; Comín, Francisco A.
closedAccessJan-2009The effect of anthropogenic disturbance on the hydrochemical characteristics of riparian wetlands at the Middle Ebro River (NE Spain)Cabezas, Álvaro; García-Antón, Mercedes; Gallardo, Belinda; Gónzalez, Eduardo; González-Sanchis, María; Comín, Francisco A.
openAccessMar-2009Utilización de humedales construidos de flujo superficial en el tratamiento de aguas residuales de origen urbano-industrialGarcía García, Mercedes; Cabezas, Álvaro; Comín, Francisco A.
openAccessSep-2005Wetland Restoration: Integrating Scientific-Technical, Economic, and Social PerspectivesComín, Francisco A.; Menéndez, Margarita; Pedrocchi Renault, César; Moreno, Sonia; Sorando, Ricardo; Cabezas, Álvaro; Garcá, Mercedes; Rosas, Verónica; Moreno-Mateos, David; Gónzalez, Eduardo, et al