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22-Nov-1996The 5-HT1A antagonist WAY-100635 selectively potentiates the presynaptic effects of serotonergic antidepressants in rat brainRomero, Luz; Hervás, Ildefonso; Artigas, FrancescArtículo
2008The absence of 5-HT(1A) receptors has minor effects on dopamine but not serotonin release evoked by MK-801 in mice prefrontal cortexCastañé, Anna; Artigas, Francesc; Bortolozzi, AnalíaArtículo
Dec-2005The activation of 5-HT2A receptors in prefrontal cortex enhances dopaminergic activityBortolozzi, Analía; Díaz-Mataix, Llorenç; Scorza, María Cecilia; Celada, Pau; Artigas, FrancescArtículo
2003The challenge of resistant depression. Is augmentation therapy useful?Artigas, FrancescArtículo
May-1988The effect of non-convulsant doses of lindane on temperature and body weightCamón, Lluïsa; Martínez, Emili; Artigas, Francesc; Solà, Carme; Rodríguez-Farré, EduardArtículo
1994The effects of brofaromine, a reversible MAO-A inhibitor, on extracellular serotonin in the raphe nuclei and frontal cortex of freely moving ratsCelada, Pau; Bel, Nuria; Artigas, FrancescArtículo
9-Mar-2013The hallucinogen 5-methoxy-N,Ndimethyltryptamine (5-MeO-DMT) disrupts cortical function: reversal by antipsychotic drugsRiga, Maurizio; Artigas, Francesc; Celada, PauPóster
1-Sep-2008The hallucinogen DOI reduces low frequency oscillations in rat prefrontal cortex. Reversal by antipsychotic drugsCelada, Pau; Puig, M. Victoria; Díaz-Mataix, Llorenç; Artigas, FrancescArtículo
2010The prefrontal cortex: a target for antipsychotic drugsArtigas, FrancescArtículo
Sep-1992The Raphe nuclei as a preferential target for antidepressant drugs acting on the 5-HT system: in vivo microdialysis studies in freely-moving ratsArtigas, Francesc; Adell, Albert; Celada, Pau; Bel, NúriaArtículo
Oct-2001The role of 5-HT1B receptors in the regulation of serotonin cell firing and release in the rat brainAdell, Albert; Celada, Pau; Artigas, FrancescArtículo
Dec-2005The selective 5-HT2A receptor antagonist M100907 enhances antidepressant-like behavioral effects of the SSRI fluoxetineMarek, Gerard J.; Martín-Ruiz, Raúl; Abo, Allyson; Artigas, FrancescArtículo
Jul-2004The somatodendritic release of dopamine in the ventral tegmental area and its regulation by afferent transmitter systemsAdell, Albert; Artigas, FrancescArtículo
Jul-2004The therapeutic role of 5-HT1A and 5-HT2A receptors in depressionCelada, Pau; Puig, M. Victoria; Amargós-Bosch, Mercè; Adell, Albert; Artigas, FrancescArtículo
1-Oct-1992Toxic effects of putrescine in rat brain: polyamines can be involved in the action of excitotoxinsVera, Núria de; Serratosa, Joan; Artigas, Francesc; Martínez, EmiliArtículo
3-Jun-2012Transcriptional modulation of serotonin transporter as a new antidepressant strategyFerrés-Coy, Albert; Pilar-Cuéllar, Fuencisla; Vidal, Rebeca; Cortés, Roser; Masana, Mercè; Valdizán, Elsa M.; Pazos, Ángel; Artigas, Francesc; Bortolozzi, AnalíaComunicación de congreso
1997El transportador de serotonina como diana terapéuticaArtigas, FrancescArtículo
Sep-1996Two actions are better than one: avoiding self-inhibition of serotonergic neurones enhances the effects of serotonin uptake inhibitorsRomero, Luz; Bel, Nuria; Casanovas, Josep M.; Artigas, FrancescArtículo
2010Unraveling monoamine receptors involved in the action of typical and atypical antipsychotics on glutamatergic and serotonergic transmission in prefrontal cortexLópez-Gil, Xavier; Artigas, Francesc; Adell, AlbertArtículo
Apr-1994Unravelling the serotonergic system: from molecular biology to pharmacologyMengod Los Arcos, Guadalupe; Artigas, FrancescArtículo

Showing results 241 to 260 of 261