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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2001Program VAV/2000 for tidal analysis of unevenly spaced data with irregular drift and colored noiseVenedikov, A. P.; Arnoso, José; Vieira, RicardoComunicación de congreso
2001Projects of the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) at the Lanzarote Geodynamical Laboratory (LGL)Ruymbeke, M. van; Somerhausen, André; Ducarme, B.; Vieira, Ricardo; Arnoso, José; Vélez, EmilioComunicación de congreso
Dec-2009Regional ocean tide loading modelling around the Iberian PeninsulaBenavent, M.; Arnoso, José; González Montesinos, FuensantaArtículo
2000Results of tidal observations in Tenerife, Canary IslandsArnoso, José; Fernández Torres, José; Vieira, Ricardo; Vélez, Emilio; Venedikov, A. P.Artículo
2001Studies of tides and instrumental performance of three gravimeters at Cueva de los Verdes (Lanzarote, Spain)Arnoso, José; Vieira, Ricardo; Vélez, Emilio; Ruymbeke, M. van; Venedikov, A. P.Comunicación de congreso
2001Tidal and non-tidal observations in a volcanic active region: review of the cooperation between Spain and P. R. China in the Geodynamic Laboratory of LanzaroteVélez, Emilio; Vieira, Ricardo; Arnoso, José; Cai, Weixin; Jiang, Jun; Tan, ShilingComunicación de congreso
2011Updating gravimetric tide parameters and ocean tide loading corrections at the observing sites Cueva de los Verdes and Timanfaya of the Geodynamics Laboratory of LanzaroteArnoso, José; Benavent, M.; González Montesinos, FuensantaCapítulo de libro

Showing results 24 to 30 of 30