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2004Radioactively Contaminated Electric Arc Furnace Dust as an Addition to the Immobilization Mortar in Low- and Medium-Activity RepositoriesCastellote, M.; Menéndez, E.; Andrade, C.; Zuloaga, P.; Navarro, M.; Ordoñez, M.Artículo
1993Reactivity of metallic glass fibres in simulated concrete pore solutionsAlonso, C.; Acha, M.; Andrade, C.Artículo
Mar-1999Relation between colourimetric chloride penetration depth and charge passed in migration tests of the type of standard ASTM C1202-91Andrade, C.; Castellote, M.; Alonso, C.; González, C.Artículo
1988Relation between resistivity and corrosion rate of reinforcements in carbonated mortar made with several cement typesAlonso, C.; Andrade, C.; González, J. A.Artículo
1999Relative humidity in the interior of concrete exposed to natural and artificial weatheringAndrade, C.; Sarriá, J.; Alonso, C.Artículo
May-2001Reply to the discussion of the paper “Chloride threshold values to depassivate reinforcing bars embedded in a standardized OPC mortar” by T.U. Mohammed and H. HamadaAlonso, C.; Andrade, C.; Castellote, M.; Castro-Borges, P.Artículo
2011La resistividad eléctrica como parámetro de control del hormigón y de su durabilidadAndrade, C.; D´Andrea, R.Artículo
1998RILEM TC 154-EMC - Electrochemical tecniques for measuring corrosion in concreteAndrade, C.; Alonso, C.Artículo
2001Round-robin test on chloride analysis in concrete — Part II: Analysis of water soluble chloride contentCastellote, M.; Andrade, C.Artículo
2001Round-Robin test on chloride analysis in concrete—Part I: Analysis of total chloride contentCastellote, M.; Andrade, C.Artículo
2006Round-Robin Test on methods for determining chloride transport parameters in concreteCastellote, M.; Andrade, C.Artículo
2007Salinity of marine aerosols in a Brazilian coastal area—Influence of wind regimeMeira, G. R.; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.; Padaratz, I. J.; Borba, J. C.Artículo
2009SEDUREC 2009 International Symposium on Safety and Durability of Materials and ConstructionsOñate, E.; Sánchez-Galvez, V.; Andrade, C.; Rio, O.Comunicación de congreso
2011Simulación por elementos finitos de las líneas de corriente del corrosímetro para medida in situ con anillo de guarda moduladoAndrade, C.; Sánchez, J.; Fullea, J.; Ben-Hamadou, R.Artículo
1986Some Laboratory Experiments on the Inhibitor Effect of Sodium Nitrite on Reinforcement CorrosionAndrade, C.; Alonso, C.; González, J. A.Artículo
Nov-2006Some principles of service life calculation of reinforcements and in situ corrosion monitoring by sensors in the radioactive waste containers of El Cabril disposal (Spain)Andrade, C.; Martínez Sierra, Isabel; Castellote, M.; Zuloaga, P.Artículo
1996Some questions on the corrosion of steel in concrete. Part II: Corrosion mechanism and monitoring, service life prediction and protection methodsGonzález, J. A.; Feliú, S.; Rodríguez, P.; López, W.; Ramírez, E.; Alonso, C.; Andrade, C.Artículo
1996Some questions on the corrosion of steel in concrete—Part I: when, how and how much steel corrodesGonzález, J. A.; Feliú, S.; Rodríguez, P.; Ramírez, E.; Alonso, C.; Andrade, C.Artículo
2012Steel Corrosion in a Chloride Contaminated Concrete Pore Solution with Low Oxygen AvailabilityToro, L.; Andrade, C.; Fullea, J.; Martínez Sierra, Isabel; Rebolledo, NuriaCapítulo de libro
2011Stress corrosion cracking and fracture toughness variation of high strength steelsSánchez, Javier; Fullea, J.; Andrade, C.Capítulo de libro

Showing results 141 to 160 of 178