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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2007Lixiviación acelerada de materiales en base cemento por aplicación de campos eléctricos: últimos avances y tendenciasCastellote, M.; Llorente, I.; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.Artículo
2003Macrocell activity in slightly chloride-contaminated concrete induced by reinforcement primersCastro-Borges, P.; Pazini, E.; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.Artículo
1992Manual para diagnostico de obras deterioradas por corrosao de armadurasAndrade, C.Libro
1995Mathematical modelling of electrochemical chloride extraction from concreteAndrade, C.; Diez, José Miguel; Alamán, A.; Alonso, C.Artículo
2011Measurement of ageing effect on chloride diffusion coefficients in cementitious matricesAndrade, C.; Castellote, M.; d´Andrea, R.Artículo
2001Measurement of the steady and non-steady-state chloride diffusion coefficients in a migration test by means of monitoring the conductivity in the anolyte chamber. Comparison with natural diffusion testsCastellote, M.; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.Artículo
2006Measurements and modelling of marine salt transportation and deposition in a tropical region in BrazilMeira, G. R.; Andrade, C.; Padaratz, I. J.; Alonso, C.; Barba, J. C.Artículo
2001Measurements of chloride activity coefficients in real Portland cement paste pore solutionsHidalgo, A.; Vera, G. de; Climent, M. A.; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.Artículo
May-2010Metal corrosion rate determination in different solutions and reinforced concrete specimens by means of a non-contacting corrosion methodAndrade, C.; Martínez Sierra, IsabelArtículo
27-Dec-2002Method and device used to detect corrosion in cathodically protected buried steel,particularly in concrete reinforcements, or to determine if said corrosion is passive.Andrade, C.; Fullea García, María JoséPatente
1977Métodos electroquímicos semicuontitotivos de estudio de lo corrosión por picaduras del acero para armaduras de hormigónAndrade, C.; González, J. A.Artículo
2005Microstructural changes in high and ultra high strength concrete exposed to high temperature environmentsAlonso, C.; Andrade, C.; Menéndez, E.; Gayo, E.Artículo
28-Feb-2008Microstructural changes induced in Portland cement-based materials due to natural and supercritical carbonationHidalgo López, Ana; Domingo, C.; Garcia, Carlos; Petit, Sabine; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.Artículo
2007Microstructural characterization of leaching effects in cement pastes due to neutralisation of their alkaline nature: Part I: Portland cement pastesHidalgo, A.; Petit, S.; Domingo, C.; Alonso, C.; Andrade, C.Artículo
2009Microstructure development in mixes of calcium aluminate cement with silica fume or fly ashHidalgo, A.; García, J. L.; Alonso, C.; Fernández, Lorenzo; Andrade, C.Artículo
Apr-1999Modelling of the processes during steady-state migration tests: Quantification of transference numbersCastellote, M.; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.Artículo
2008Modelling sea-salt transport and deposition in marine atmosphere zone – A tool for corrosion studiesMeira, G. R.; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.; Padaratz, I. J.; Barba, J. C.Artículo
13-Sep-2008Modelling the carbonation of cementitious matrixes by means of the unreacted-core model, UR-CORECastellote, M.; Andrade, C.Artículo
2006Modification of composition and microstructure of Portland cement pastes as a result of natural and supercritical carbonation proceduresGarcía-González, C. A.; Hidalgo, A.; Andrade, C.; Alonso, C.; Fraile, J.Artículo
1996Na2PO3F as inhibitor of corroding reinforcement in carbonated concreteAlonso, C.; Andrade, C.; Argiz, C.; Malric, B.Artículo

Showing results 99 to 118 of 178