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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2008Use of Low Temperature Ashing coupled with DRIFT-FTIR spectroscopy to characterize soil organic matter resistance to degradationPiedra Buena, A.; Pucci, A.; Tinoco, P.; Almendros, G.; D’Acqui, L. P.Póster
2011Wetland soil organic matter composition in a Mediterranean semiarid wetland (Las Tablas de Daimiel, Central Spain): Insight into different carbon sequestration pathwaysRodríguez Murillo, Juan Carlos; Almendros, G.; Knicker, HeikeArtículo
2002Wildfire and black carbon in Andalusian Mediterranean forestGonzález-Pérez, José Antonio; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; Polvillo, Oliva; Almendros, G.; Knicker, Heike; Salas, F. Javier; Costa Pérez, J. C.Capítulo de libro
Jul-2012Wildfires, soil carbon balance and resilient organic matter in Mediterranean ecosystems. A reviewAlmendros, G.; González-Vila, Francisco JavierArtículo

Showing results 223 to 226 of 226