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2005Tentatively quantifying tire impact, organic carbon balance and thermal structural rearrangements by l3C CPMAS NMR of whole soil samples from Continental Mediterranean forestsAlmendros, G.; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; González-Pérez, José Antonio; Knicker, Heike; Zancada, M. C.; Polvillo, OlivaComunicación de congreso
2009The aromaticity concept in humic acids: multivariate assessment based on independent methodological approachesAlmendros, G.; Tinoco, P.; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; Sanz Perucha, JesúsPóster
2011The background of non-crystalline materials and its role in soil organic matter turnover in subtropical volcanic soils.Hernández, Zulimar; Almendros, G.; Carral, P.; Álvarez, A.; Knicker, HeikePóster
2011The controversial effect of fire. Fire and the carbon cycle in Mediterranean ecosystemsGonzález-Vila, Francisco Javier; Almendros, G.Artículo
1991The effect of composting on the organic colloidal fraction from domestic sewage sludgeAlmendros, G.; Leal Ojeda, J. A.; Martín Martínez, Francisco; González-Vila, Francisco JavierCapítulo de libro
2004The effect of fire on soil organic matter—a reviewGonzález-Pérez, José Antonio; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; Almendros, G.; Knicker, HeikeArtículo
1993The effects of various chemical treatments on the pyrolytic pattern of peat humic acidAlmendros, G.; Martín Martínez, Francisco; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; Río Andrade, José Carlos delArtículo
18-May-2008The role of agricultural practices on humification patterns in virgin and cultivated soils from South Africa, Tanzania and ZimbabweAlmendros, G.; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; Zancada, M. C.; Pardo, Mª TeresaComunicación de congreso
2009The use of 13C NMR and dipolar dephasing experiments toassess different types of disturbance in Mediterranean soilsAlmendros, G.; Tinoco, P.; Knicker, Heike; González-Vila, Francisco JavierPóster
2003Thermal transformation of soil organic matter by natural fires and laboratory-controlled heatingsGonzález-Vila, Francisco Javier; Almendros, G.Capítulo de libro
2009Transformaciones de la materia orgánica del suelo por incendios naturales y calentamientos controlados en condiciones de laboratorioGonzález-Vila, Francisco Javier; Almendros, G.; González-Pérez, José Antonio; Knicker, Heike; González-Vázquez, Rocío; Hernández, Zulimar; Piedra Buena, A.; Rosa Arranz, José M. de laCapítulo de libro
2003Transformation of the chemical composition of soil organic matter during and after vegetation firesKnicker, Heike; Almendros, G.; Dettweiler, Christian; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; González-Pérez, José AntonioComunicación de congreso
1999Transformation of wheat straw in the course of solid-state fermentation by four ligninolytic basidiomycetesDorado, José; Almendros, G.; Camarero, S.; Martinez, A. T.; Vares, T.; Hatakka, A.Artículo
Aug-2010Transformations in carbon and nitrogen forms in peat subjected to progressive thermal stress as revealed by analytical pyrolysisPiedra Buena, A.; Almendros, G.; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; González-Pérez, José Antonio; Knicker, HeikeArtículo
2001Transformations in soil of the organic fractions from 15N labelled compost as revealed by 13C and 15N NMR spectroscopies and analytical pyrolysisGonzález-Vila, Francisco Javier; Tinoco, P.; Zancada, M. C.; Almendros, G.Comunicación de congreso
Apr-2013Transformations in soil organic matter and aggregate stability after conversion of Mediterranean forest to agricultureRecio Vázquez, L.; Almendros, G.; Carral, P.; Knicker, Heike; González-Pérez, José Antonio; González-Vila, Francisco JavierPóster
2005Transport of black carbon in fire-affected soilsKnicker, Heike; Hilscher, André; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; González-Pérez, José Antonio; Almendros, G.Comunicación de congreso
1988Tratamientos matemáticos de espectros FT-IR de polímeros naturales basados en la aplicación del operador LaplacianoRío Andrade, José Carlos del; Almendros, G.; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; Martín Martínez, FranciscoComunicación de congreso
2011Turnover of charcoal in fire-prone mineral soils of Southern EuropeKnicker, Heike; González-Vila, Francisco Javier; Clemente Salas, Luis; Almendros, G.; González-Vázquez, RocíoComunicación de congreso
2008Use of Low Temperature Ashing coupled with DRIFT-FTIR spectroscopy to characterize soil organic matter resistance to degradationPiedra Buena, A.; Pucci, A.; Tinoco, P.; Almendros, G.; D’Acqui, L. P.Póster

Showing results 204 to 223 of 226