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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2009Enhancement of antiferromagnetic coupling in magnetic multilayers by low energy ion beam substrate nanopatterningQuirós, C.; Zárate, L.; Alija, Alfonso R.; Díaz, J.; Vélez, M.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, G.; Alameda, J. M.Artículo
25-Mar-2009Enhancement of synchronized vortex lattice motion in hybrid magnetic/amorphous superconducting nanostructuresPérez de Lara, D.; Alija, Alfonso R.; Martín, J. I.; Vélez, M.; Anguita, José Virgilio; Vicent, J. L.Artículo
2010Ferromagnetic proximity effect in a-CoxSi1−x/Nb bilayers: Role of magnetic disorder and interface transparencyAlija, Alfonso R.; Hierro-Rodríguez, A.; Martín, J. I.; Alameda, J. M.; Vélez, M.Artículo
24-May-2004High-speed 1.55 μm operation of low-temperature-grown GaAs-based resonant-cavity-enhanced p–i–n photodiodesButun, B.; Biyikli, N.; Kimukin, I.; Aytur, O.; Ozbay, E.; Postigo, Pablo Aitor; Silveira, Juan Pedro; Alija, Alfonso R.Artículo
2010Influence of boundary geometry in domain wall propagation in magnetic films with asymmetric holes: Micromagnetic calculationsAlija, Alfonso R.; Sobrado, I.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, G.; Vélez, M.; Alameda, J. M.; Martín, J. I.Artículo
Nov-2006New Technological Approaches for the Fabrication of Planar Photonic Crystals on III-V CompoundsMartínez Rodríguez, Luis Javier; Alija, Alfonso R.; González, Yolanda; González, Luisa; Dotor, María Luisa; Golmayo, Dolores; Balcells Argemi, Lluis; Postigo, Pablo AitorPóster
Apr-2008Optical emission of InAs/GaAs quantum rings coupled to a two-dimensional photonic crystal microcavitySarkar, D.; Martínez Rodríguez, Luis Javier; Prieto-González, Iván; Van der Meulen, H. P.; Calleja, J. M.; Granados, Daniel; Taboada, A. G.; García, Jorge M.; Alija, Alfonso R.; Postigo, Pablo AitorArtículo
22-Jan-2007Theoretical and experimental study of the Suzuki-phase photonic crystal lattice by angle-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopyAlija, Alfonso R.; Martínez Rodríguez, Luis Javier; Postigo, Pablo Aitor; Sánchez-Dehesa, José; Galli, Matteo; Politi, Alberto; Patrini, M.; Andreani, Lucio C.; Seassal, Christian; Viktorovitch, P.Artículo
29-Mar-2005Tuning of spontaneous emission of two-dimensional photonic crystal microcavities by accurate control of slab thicknessAlija, Alfonso R.; Martínez Rodríguez, Luis Javier; García-Martín, Antonio; Dotor, María Luisa; Golmayo, Dolores; Postigo, Pablo AitorArtículo
2013Vortex lattice motion in the flux creep regime on asymmetric pinning potentialsPérez de Lara, D.; Vélez, M.; Gómez, A.; Galvez, F.; Alija, Alfonso R.; García, M. A.; Martín, J. I.; González, E. M.; Vicent, J. L.Artículo
2010Vortex ratchet reversal at fractional matching fields in kagomélike array with symmetric pinning centersPérez de Lara, D.; Alija, Alfonso R.; González, E. M.; Vélez, M.; Martín, J. I.; Vicent, J. L.Artículo

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