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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
closedAccess2012AGATA-Advanced GAmma Tracking ArrayAGATA Collaboration; Akkoyun, A.; Algora, Alejandro; Barrientos, Diego; Domingo Pardo, César; Egea, Javier; Gadea, Andrés; Huyuk, Tayfun; Kaci, Mohamed; Méndez, Víctor, et al
openAccess2014Analysis and results of the 104Sn Coulomb excitation experimentGuastalla, G.; Algora, Alejandro; Domingo Pardo, César; Jungclaus, A.; Wollersheim, H.J.; Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics SCOAP; Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación (España)
openAccess3-Mar-2004B(GT) strength from beta-decay measurements and inferred shape mixing in Kr-74Poirier, E.; Maréchal, F.; Dessagne, Ph.; Algora, Alejandro; García Borge, María José; Cano Ott, Daniel; Caspar, J. C.; Courtin, S.; Devin, J.; Fraile, Luis M., et al
openAccess2011beta decay of (78)SrPérez-Cerdán, Ana Belén; Rubio, Berta; Gelletly, W.; Algora, Alejandro; Agramunt, Jorge; Burkard, K.; Huller W.; Nácher, Enrique; Sarriguren, Pedro; Caballero Ontanaya, Luis, et al
closedAccess25-Mar-2005Beta decay studies far from stability with the Total Absorption Technique: the case of 76SrRubio, Berta; Nácher, Enrique; Algora, Alejandro; García Borge, María José; Caballero Ontanaya, Luis; Cano Ott, Daniel; Courtin, S.; Dessagne, Ph.; Escrig, D.; Fraile, Luis M., et al
openAccess20-Mar-2014Beta decay studies of the N=Z and waiting point nucleus 72Kr.Briz, J.A.; García Borge, M.J.; Nacher, E.; Algora, Alejandro; Rubio, B.; Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics SCOAP
closedAccess2011Beta delayed alpha emission from the neutron deficient rare earth isotopes 152Tm and 150ToNácher, Enrique; Taín, José Luis; Rubio, Berta; Algora, Alejandro; Batist, L.; Briz, J.A.; Cano Ott, Daniel; Döring, J.; Estévez Aguado, María Esther; Gadea, Andrés, et al
closedAccess2-Mar-2004Beta-decay studies using total absorption spectroscopyAlgora, Alejandro; García Borge, María José; Cano Ott, Daniel; Fraile, Luis M.; Gadea, Andrés; Moroz, F.; Nácher, Enrique; Rubio, Berta; Taín, José Luis
openAccessDec-2004Beta-decay studies using total absorption techniques: some recent resultsAlgora, Alejandro; Rubio, Berta; Nácher, Enrique; Cano Ott, Daniel; Taín, José Luis; Gadea, Andrés; Batist, L.; García Borge, María José; Collatz, R.; Courtin, S., et al
openAccess2013Coulomb excitation of Sn104 and the strength of the Sn100 shell closureGuastalla, G.; Dijulio, D.D.; Górska, M.; Jungclaus, Andrea; Algora, Alejandro; Domingo Pardo, César; Winfield, J.S.; Wollersheim, H.J.
openAccess2013Deformation of Sr and Rb isotopes close to the N=Z line via β-decay studies using the total absorption techniquePérez-Cerdán, Ana Belén; Rubio, Berta; Gelletly, W.; Algora, Alejandro; Agramunt, Jorge; Nácher, Enrique; Taín, José Luis; Sarriguren, Pedro; Fraile, L.M.; García Borge, María José, et al
openAccess9-Jun-2004Deformation of the N = Z nucleus Sr-76 using β-decay studiesNácher, Enrique; Algora, Alejandro; Rubio, Berta; Taín, José Luis; Cano Ott, Daniel; Courtin, S.; Dessagne, Ph.; Maréchal, F.; Miehé, Ch.; Poirier, E., et al
openAccess2-Jun-2014Deformation of the N=Z nucleus 72Kr via beta decayBriz, José Antonio; García Borge, María José; Tengblad, Olof; Algora, Alejandro; Nácher, Enrique; Rubio, B.; Taín, José Luis; Gelletly, W.
openAccessJan-2011Evidence for a spin-aligned neutron–proton paired phase from the level structure of 92PdCederwall, B.; Algora, Alejandro; Gadea, Andrés; Jungclaus, Andrea; Williams, S.
openAccess2014Gamow-Teller response in deformed even and odd neutron-rich Zr and Mo isotopesSarriguren, Pedro; Algora, Alejandro; Pereira, J
closedAccess17-Feb-2004High-spin states in the vibrational nucleus Cd-114Jungclaus, Andrea; Algora, Alejandro; Axiotis, M.; García Borge, María José; Fernández, M. A.; Gadea, Andrés; Galindo, E.; Hausmann, M.; Lenzi, S.; Martínez, T., et al
closedAccess17-Feb-2009Identification of yrast high-K intrinsic states in Os-188Modamio, V.; Jungclaus, Andrea; Podolyak, Z.; Shi, Y.; Xu, F.R.; Algora, Alejandro; Bazzacco, D.; Escrig, D.; Fraile, L.M.; Lenzi, S., et al
openAccess2014Isospin symmetry in the sd shell: Transition strengths in the neutron-deficient sd shell nucleus Ar 33Wendt, A.; Taprogge, J.; Reiter, P.; Golubev, P.; Algora, Alejandro; Jungclaus, A.; Merchán, E.; Million, B.; Wieland, O.; Wollersheim, H.J.
openAccess2013Lifetime measurements in neutron-rich 63,65Co isotopes using the AGATA demonstratorModamio, V.; Valiente-Dobón, J. J.; Lunardi, S.; Lenzi, S.M.; Gadea, Andrés; Mengoni, D.; Bazzacco, D.; Algora, Alejandro; Jungclaus, Andrea; Ur, C.A.
closedAccess23-Jun-2009Lifetime Measurements of the Neutron-Rich N=30 Isotones Ca-50 and Sc-51: Orbital Dependence of Effective Charges in the fp ShellValiente-Dobón, J. J.; Mengoni, D.; Gadea, Andrés; Farmea, E.; Lenzi, S. M.; Lunardi, S.; Dewald, A.; Pissulla, T.; Szilner, S.; Broda, R., et al