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RightsIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
openAccess20-Sep-2006Detection of C3O in IRC+10216: Oxygen-Carbon chain chemistry in the outer envelopeTenenbaum, E. D.; Apponi, A. J.; Ziurys, L. M.; Agúndez, Marcelino; Cernicharo, José; Pardo Carrión, Juan Ramón; Guélin, Michel
openAccess6-Dec-2007Detection of circumstellar CH2CHCN, CH2CN, CH3CCH and H2CSAgúndez, Marcelino; Fonfría, José Pablo; Cernicharo, José; Pardo Carrión, Juan Ramón; Guélin, Michel
openAccess9-Jul-2007Discovery of Interstellar Propylene (CH_2CHCH_3): Missing Links in Interstellar Gas-Phase ChemistryMarcelino, Nuria; Cernicharo, José; Agúndez, Marcelino; Roueff, E.; Gerin, M.; Martín-Pintado, Jesús; Mauersberger, R.; Thum, C.
openAccess9-Oct-2007High-J v=0 SiS Maser Emission in IRC+10216: A New Case of Infrared OverlapsFonfría, José Pablo; Agúndez, Marcelino; Tercero, Belén; Pardo Carrión, Juan Ramón; Cernicharo, José
openAccess25-May-2006Oxygen Chemistry in the Circumstellar Envelope of the Carbon-Rich Star IRC+10216Agúndez, Marcelino; Cernicharo, José
openAccess7-Dec-2007Search for anions in molecular sources: C4H- detection in L1527Agúndez, Marcelino; Cernicharo, José; Guélin, Michel; Gerin, M.; McCarthy, M. C.; Thaddeus, P.
closedAccess2013Sulfur chemistry in the interstellar medium: The effect of vibrational excitation of H2 in the reaction S++H2 →sH++HZanchet, Alexandre; Agúndez, Marcelino; Herrero, Víctor J.; Aguado, Alfredo; Roncero Villa, Octavio
openAccess28-Mar-2007Understanding the Chemical Complexity in Circumstellar Envelopes of C-rich AGB Stars: the Case of IRC +10216Agúndez, Marcelino; Cernicharo, José; Pardo Carrión, Juan Ramón; Fonfría, José Pablo; Guélin, Michel; Tenenbaum, E. D.; Ziurys, L. M.; Apponi, A. J.
openAccess2-Sep-2010Warm water vapour in the sooty outflow from a luminous carbon starDecin, L.; Agúndez, Marcelino; Barlow, Michael J.; Daniel, F.; Cernicharo, José; Lombaert, J. R.; Beck, E. de; Royer, P.; Vandenbussche, B.; Wesson, R., et al