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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
Nov-2009Rapid environmental assessment of marine coastal areas for naval operations using sequential space filling designsÁlvarez, Alberto; Garau, Bartolomé; Ruiz, Simón; Tintoré, JoaquínArtículo
1997Rapid up-regulation of IκBβ and abrogation of NF-κB activity in peritoneal macrophages stimulated with lipopolysaccharideVelasco, Marta; Díaz-Guerra, María José; Martín-Sanz, Paloma; Álvarez, Alberto; Boscá, LisardoArtículo
2004Real-time forecasting at weekly timescales of the SST and SLA of the Ligurian Sea with a satellite-based ocean forecasting (SOFT) systemÁlvarez, Alberto; Orfila, Alejandro; Tintoré, JoaquínArtículo
2003Satellite based forecasting of sea surface temperature in the Tuscan ArchipelagoÁlvarez, Alberto; Orfila, Alejandro; Sellschopp, JürgenArtículo
2006Scientific management of Mediterranean coastal zone: A hybrid ocean forecasting system for oil spill and search and rescue operationsJordi, Antoni; Ferrer, M.I.; Vizoso, Guillermo; Orfila, Alejandro; Basterretxea, Gotzon; Casas, Benjamín; Álvarez, Alberto; Roig, D.; Garau, Bartolomé; Martínez, M.; Fernández, Vicente; Fornes, A.; Ruiz, M.; Balaguer, Pau; Duarte, Carlos M.; Tintoré, JoaquínArtículo
1-Jan-2002SOFT project: a new forecasting system based on satellite dataPascual, Ananda; Orfila, Alejandro; Álvarez, Alberto; Hernández-García, Emilio; Gomis, Damià; Barth, Alexander; Tintoré, JoaquínCapítulo de libro
Apr-1995Splenic B lymphocyte programmed cell death is prevented by nitric oxide release through mechanisms involving sustained Bcl-2 levelsGenaro, Ana M.; Hortelano, Sonsoles; Álvarez, Alberto; Martínez-Alonso, Carlos; Boscá, LisardoArtículo
2001Stochastic resonance in the thermohaline circulationVélez-Belchí, Pedro; Álvarez, Alberto; Colet, Pere; Tintoré, Joaquín; Haney, Robert L.Artículo
1-Dec-2003Sustained nitric oxide delivery delays nitric oxide-dependent apoptosis in macrophages: Contribution to the physiological function of activated macrophagesHortelano, Sonsoles; Través, Paqui G.; Zeini, Miriam; Álvarez, Alberto; Boscá, LisardoArtículo

Showing results 31 to 39 of 39