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2003Anisotropic crystallization in polypropylene induced by deformation of a nucleating agent networkNogales, Aurora; Mitchell, Geoffrey R.; Vaughan, Alun S.Artículo
2008Broad-band electrical conductivity of high density polyethylene nanocomposites with carbon nanoadditives: Multiwall carbon nanotubes and carbon nanofibersLinares, Amelia; Canalda Cámara, José Carlos; Cagiao, M.E.; García-Gutiérrez, Mari Cruz; Nogales, Aurora; Martín-Gullón, Ignacio; Vera, J.; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.Artículo
2013Chain arrangement and glass transition temperature variations in polymer nanoparticles under 3D-confinementMartínez Tong, Daniel E.; Soccio, Michelina; Sanz, Alejandro; García, Carolina; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.; Nogales, AuroraArtículo
2007Characterization of the layered structure in main chain dibenzo-18-crown-6 ether polymers by simultaneous WAXS/MAXS-SAXS/DSC measurementsNogales, Aurora; Rueda, Daniel R.; Sanz, Alejandro; García-Gutiérrez, Mari Cruz; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.; Zolotukhin, Mikhail G.; Hernández, M. del Carmen G.; Fomine, Sergei; Colquhoun, Howard M.Artículo
2003Cold crystallization of poly(ethylene naphthalene-2,6-dicarboxylate) by simultaneous measurements of X-ray scattering and dielectric spectroscopySics, Igors; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.; Nogales, Aurora; Denchev, Zlatan; Álvarez, C.; Funari, Sérgio S.Artículo
2010Cold crystallization of poly(trimethylene terephthalate) as revealed by simultaneous WAXS, SAXS, and dielectric spectroscopySanz, Alejandro; Nogales, Aurora; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.; Soccio, Michelina; Munari, Andrea; Lotti, NadiaArtículo
2007Complex nature of the β relaxation and fragility in aromatic polyestersSanz, Alejandro; Nogales, Aurora; Lotti, Nadia; Munari, Andrea; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.Artículo
2005Confined crystallization in phase-separated poly(ethylene terephthalate)/poly(ethylene naphthalene 2,6-dicarboxilate) blendsÁlvarez, C.; Nogales, Aurora; García-Gutiérrez, Mari Cruz; Sanz, Alejandro; Denchev, Zlatan; Funari, Sergio S.; Bruix, Marta; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.Artículo
1998Cooperative motions in PVC studied by thermally stimulated currents: Comparison with A.C. dielectric derivative analysisNogales, Aurora; Sauer, Bryan B.Artículo
2004Cooperativity of the β-relaxations in aromatic polymersSanz, Alejandro; Nogales, Aurora; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.; Lotti, Nadia; Finelli, LaraArtículo
2007Deformation behaviour during cold drawing of nanocomposites based on single wall carbon nanotubes and poly(ether ester) copolymersHernández, J. J.; García-Gutiérrez, Mari Cruz; Nogales, Aurora; Rueda, Daniel R.; Sanz, Alejandro; Sics, Igor; Hsiao, Benjamin S.; Roslaniec, Z.; Broza, G.; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.Artículo
23-May-2013Deformation mechanisms in polylactic acid/natural rubber/organoclay bionanocomposites as revealed by synchrotron X-ray scatteringBitinis, Natacha; Sanz, Alejandro; Nogales, Aurora; López-Manchado, Miguel A.; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.Artículo
Jul-2011Detection of early stage precursor during formation of plastic crystal ethanol from the supercooled liquid state: A simultaneous dielectric spectroscopy with neutron diffraction studySanz, Alejandro; Nogales, Aurora; Puente Orench, I.; Jiménez-Ruiz, M.; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.Artículo
2005Development of highly oriented polymer crystals from row assembliesNogales, Aurora; Mitchell, Geoffrey R.Artículo
2013Dielectric relaxation of poly (trimethylene terephthalate) in a broad range of crystallinityMartín-Fabiani, Ignacio; Linares, Amelia; Nogales, Aurora; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.Artículo
2013Directional crystallization of 20 nm width polymer nanorods by the inducement of heterogeneous nuclei at their tipsMartín, Jaime; Nogales, Aurora; Mijangos, CarmenArtículo
2011Disorder-Order Transition and Nanostructure Control in a Polystyrene-b-Poly(ethyl methacrylate) DiBlock CopolymerSanz, Alejandro; Rueda, Daniel R.; Ezquerra Sanz, Tiberio A.; Nogales, AuroraArtículo
2011Disorder-order transition and nanostructure control in a polystyrene-b-poly(styrene) diblock copolymerSanz, Alejandro; Rueda, Daniel R.; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.; Nogales, AuroraArtículo
2012Effect of copolymerization in the dynamics of poly(trimethylene terephthalate)Soccio, Michelina; Nogales, Aurora; Ezquerra, Tiberio A.; Lotti, Nadia; Munari, AndreaArtículo
2011Effects of strain-induced crystallization on the segmental dynamics of vulcanized natural rubberHernandez, Marianella; Lopez-Manchado, Miguel Angel; Sanz, Alejandro; Nogales, Aurora; Ezquerra Sanz, Tiberio A.Artículo

Showing results 1 to 20 of 76