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closedAccess1-Jan-2008Protein and water structural changes in fish surimi during gelation as revealed by isotopic H/D exchange and Raman spectroscopySánchez González, Ignacio; Carmona, Pedro; Moreno, Pilar; Borderías, A. Javier; Sánchez Alonso, Isabel; Rodríguez-Casado, Arantxa; Careche, MercedesArtículo
closedAccess26-Dec-1997Radical Fragmentation of β-Hydroxy Azides. Synthesis of Chiral NitrilesHernández, Rosendo; León, Elisa I.; Moreno, Pilar; Suárez, ErnestoArtículo
closedAccess18-Sep-2001Reductive fragmentation of carbohydrate anomeric alkoxy radicals. Synthesis of alditols with potential utility as chiral synthonsFrancisco, Cosme G.; León, Elisa I.; Martín, Ángeles; Moreno, Pilar; Rodríguez Morales, María S.; Suárez, ErnestoArtículo
closedAccess4-Sep-1998Synthesis and radical fragmentation of carbohydrate anomeric nitrates. Formation of convenient chiral syntetic intermediatesFrancisco, Cosme G.; León, Elisa I.; Moreno, Pilar; Suárez, ErnestoArtículo
closedAccess5-Nov-2004Synthesis of highly functionalized chiral nitriles by radical fragmentation of beta-hydroxy azides. Convenient transformation of aldononitriles into 1,4- and 1,5-iminoalditolsHernández, Rosendo; León, Elisa I.; Moreno, Pilar; Riesco-Fagundo, Concepción; Suárez, ErnestoArtículo
closedAccessTesting_caffeic_acid.pdf.jpg2011Testing caffeic acid as a natural antioxidant in functional fish-fibre restructured productsSánchez Alonso, Isabel; Careche, Mercedes; Moreno, Pilar; González, M. Jesús; Medina, IsabelArtículo