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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2012Drosophila Hox and Sex-Determination Genes Control Segment Elimination through EGFR and extramacrochetae ActivityForonda, David; Martín, Paloma; Sánchez-Herrero, ErnestoArtículo
Dec-2009Function and specificity of Hox genesForonda, David; de Navas, Luis F.; Garaulet, Daniel L.; Sánchez-Herrero, ErnestoArtículo
1-Oct-2008Polycomb-dependent Ultrabithorax Hox gene silencing induced by high Ultrabithorax levels in DrosophilaGaraulet, Daniel L.; Foronda, David; Calleja, Manuel; Sánchez-Herrero, ErnestoArtículo
30-Nov-2005Requirement of abdominal-A and Abdominal-B in the developing genitalia of Drosophila breaks the posterior downregulation ruleForonda, David; Estrada, Beatriz; Navas, Luis de; Sánchez-Herrero, ErnestoArtículo
2-Aug-2006A simple and efficient method to identify replacements of P-lacZ by P-Gal4 lines allows obtaining Gal4 insertions in the bithorax complex of DrosophilaNavas, Luis de; Foronda, David; Suzanne, Magali; Sánchez-Herrero, ErnestoArtículo

Showing results 1 to 5 of 5