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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
27-Apr-2014Amplifying the Hawking Signal in BECsBalbinot, Roberto; Fabbri, AlessandroArtículo
12-Mar-2007Black hole evaporation in a thermalized final-state projection modelFabbri, Alessandro; Pérez,A.Artículo
Feb-2010Density correlations and analog dynamical Casimir emission of Bogoliubov phonons in modulated atomic Bose-Einstein condensatesFabbri, Alessandro; Carusotto, Iacopo; Balbinot, Roberto; Recati, AlessioArtículo
30-Apr-2007Depletion in Bose-Einstein condensates using quantum field theory in curved spaceBalbinot, Roberto; Fagnocchi, Serena; Fabbri, AlessandroArtículo
1-Feb-2013Hawking effect in BECs acoustic white holesBalbinot, Roberto; Fabbri, Alessandro; Mayoral Sáenz, CarlosArtículo
7-Dec-2007Hawking radiation from extremal and nonextremal black holesBalbinot, Roberto; Fabbri, Alessandro; Farese, Sara; Parentani, R.Artículo
7-Aug-2013Instability of black holes in massive gravityBabichev, Eugeny; Fabbri, AlessandroArtículo
24-Oct-2007Quantum effects in black holes from the Schwarzschild black string?Fabbri, Alessandro; Procopio, Giovanni PaoloArtículo
30-Dec-2010Semiclassical gravity in the far field limit of stars, black holes, and wormholesFabbri, Alessandro; Carlson, Eric D.; Fagnocchi, Serena; Anderson, Paul R.; Hirsch, William H.; Klyap, Sarah A.Artículo
Dec-2010Testing Hawking Particle Creation By Black Holes Through Correlation MeasurementsBalbinot, Roberto; Carusotto, Iacopo; Fabbri, Alessandro; Recati, AlessioArtículo

Showing results 1 to 10 of 10