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openAccess5-2011 IBVF digital.pdf.jpg2011A comparative analysis of the NADPH thioredoxin reductase C-2-Cys peroxiredoxin system from plants and CyanobacteriaPascual, María Belén; Mata-Cabana, Alejandro ; Florencio, Francisco J.; Lindahl, Marika  ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo
openAccess00014-corrected.pdf.jpg2013Comparative analysis of cyanobacterial and plant peroxiredoxins and their electron donors: Peroxidase activity and susceptibility to overoxidationLindahl, Marika  ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo
openAccessCoordinated_Transport_of_Nitrate_Potassium_and_Sod (1).pdf.jpg2020Coordinated Transport of Nitrate, Potassium, and SodiumRaddatz, Natalia ; Morales de los Ríos, L.; Lindahl, Marika  ; Quintero, Francisco J.  ; Pardo, José M.  artículo
openAccessfpls-07-01050.pdf.jpg2016Iron Deficiency Induces a Partial Inhibition of the Photosynthetic Electron Transport and a High Sensitivity to Light in the Diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutumRoncel Gil, Mercedes ; González-Rodríguez, Antonio A.; Naranjo, Belén ; Bernal-Bayard, P.  ; Lindahl, Marika  ; Hervás, Manuel ; Navarro, José A.  ; Ortega, José M.  artículo
openAccess60755.pdf.jpg19-Aug-2013Overoxidation of chloroplast 2-Cys peroxiredoxins: balancing toxic and signaling activities of hydrogen peroxidePuerto-Galán, Leonor ; Pérez-Ruiz, Juan Manuel  ; Ferrández, Julia; Cano, Beatriz ; Naranjo, Belén ; Nájera, Victoria A.; González, Maricruz  ; Lindahl, Marika  ; Cejudo, Francisco J.artículo
openAccessProtection_photosynthetic_apparatus.pdf.jpgDec-2012Protection of the photosynthetic apparatus from extreme dehydration and oxidative stress in seedlings of transgenic tobaccoAlmoguera, Concepción  ; Prieto-Dapena, P. ; Personat, José María ; Tejedor-Cano, Javier ; Lindahl, Marika  ; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Jordano, Juan  artículo
openAccessPostprint_2015_Naranjo_et_al_PlantCell&Environment.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2015The chloroplast NADPH thioredoxin reductase C, NTRC, controls non-photochemical quenching of light energy and photosynthetic electron transport in ArabidopsisNaranjo, Belén ; Mignée, Clara; Krieger-Liszkay, Anja; Hornero-Méndez, Dámaso  ; Gallardo Guerrero, Lourdes  ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier ; Lindahl, Marika  artículo
closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2012Thiol-based redox modulation of a cyanobacterial eukaryotic-type serine/threonine kinase required for oxidative stress toleranceMata-Cabana, Alejandro ; García-Domínguez, Mario ; Florencio, Francisco J.; Lindahl, Marika  artículo
openAccessJ. Exp. Bot.-2016-Naranjo-jxb-erw017.pdf.jpg2-Feb-2016Type-f thioredoxins have a role in the short-term activation of carbon metabolism and their loss affects growth under short-day conditions in Arabidopsis thalianaNaranjo, Belén ; Díaz-Espejo, Antonio  ; Lindahl, Marika  ; Cejudo, Francisco Javier artículo