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RightsPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
openAccess0910.4584v2.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2010Direct determination of the solar neutrino fluxes from solar neutrino dataGonzález García, M.ª Concepción; Maltoni, Michele  ; Salvado, Jordiartículo
openAccess0804.1466v4.pdf.jpg18-Jun-2004Neutrino oscillograms of the Earth: effects of 1-2 mixing and CP-violationAkhmedov, Evgeny Kh.; Maltoni, Michele  ; Smirnov, Alexei Yu.preprint
openAccess0810.3517v1.pdf.jpg20-Oct-2008New interactions: past and future experimentsMaltoni, Michele  artículo
openAccessEsteban2019_Article_OnTheDeterminationOfLeptonicCP.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2019On the determination of leptonic CP violation and neutrino mass ordering in presence of non-standard interactions: present statusEsteban, Iván; González-García, M. C.; Maltoni, Michele  artículo
openAccess0810.1440v1.pdf.jpg1-Feb-2010Prospects and synergies between future atmospheric and long-baseline experimentsMaltoni, Michele  artículo
openAccess0802.3699v2.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2008Status of Oscillation plus Decay of Atmospheric and Long-Baseline NeutrinosGonzález García, M.ª Concepción; Maltoni, Michele  preprint
openAccess0803.2050v1.pdf.jpg13-Mar-2008Testing neutrino oscillations plus decay with neutrino telescopesMaltoni, Michele  ; Winter, Walterpreprint
openAccess0812.3161v1.pdf.jpg26-Jan-2010Three-flavour neutrino oscillation update and comments on possible hints for a non-zero theta_{13}Maltoni, Michele  ; Schwetz, Thomasartículo
openAccess1001.4524v1.pdf.jpg2-Feb-2010Updated global fit to three neutrino mixing: status of the hints of theta13 > 0González García, M.ª Concepción; Maltoni, Michele  ; Salvado, Jordiartículo