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closedAccessaccesoRestringido.pdf.jpg2016A short half-life of ULBP1 at the cell surface due to internalization and proteosomal degradationFernández-Messina, L.; Valés-Gómez, M.; Reyburn, H. T. artículo
openAccessAnalysis of the recovery of CD247.pdf.jpg2017Analysis of the recovery of CD247 expression in a PID patient: Insights into the spontaneous repair of defective genesBlázquez-Moreno, A.; Pérez-Portilla, A.; Agúndez-Llaca, M.; Dukovska, D.; Valés-Gómez, M.; Aydogmus, C.; Ikinciogullari, A.; Regueiro, J.R.; Reyburn, H. T. artículo
openAccessHuman NKG2D-ligands.pdf.jpg25-Sep-2012Human NKG2D-ligands: cell biology strategies to ensure immune recognitionFernández-Messina, L.; Reyburn, H. T. ; Valés-Gómez, M.artículo
openAccessNatural killer cell hyporesponsiveness....pdf.jpg2016Natural killer cell hyporesponsiveness and impaired development in a CD247-deficient patientValés-Gómez, M.; Esteso, G.; Aydogmus, C.; Blázquez-Moreno, A.; Marín, A.V.; Briones, A.C.; Garcillán, B.; García-Cuesta, Eva María; López Cobo, S.; Haskologlu, S.; Moraru, M.; Cipe, F.; Dobbs, K.; Dogu, F.; Parolini, S.; Notarangelo, L.D.; Vilches, C.; Recio, M.J.; Regueiro, J.R.; Ikinciogullari, A.; Reyburn, H. T. artículo
openAccessNKG2D is a Key Receptor for Recognition.pdf.jpg8-Jun-2015NKG2D is a Key Receptor for Recognition of Bladder Cancer Cells by IL-2-Activated NK Cells and BCG Promotes NK Cell ActivationGarcía-Cuesta, Eva María; López-Cobo, Sheila; Esteso, G.; Romera-Cárdenas, Gema; Rey, Mercedes; Reyburn, H. T. ; Valés-Gómez, M.artículo
openAccessEdited v2 -41645R2-130911 figures and supp.pdf.jpgNov-2011Palmitoylation of MICA, a ligand for NKG2D, mediates its recruitment to membrane microdomains and promotes its sheddingFernández-Messina, L.; Esteso, G.; Reyburn, H. T. ; Valés-Gómez, M.artículo
openAccessrevision submit-jcs.biologists.pdf.jpgFeb-2011The human NKG2D ligand ULBP2 can be expressed at the cell surface with or without a GPI anchor and both forms can activate NK cellsReyburn, H. T. ; Valés-Gómez, M.artículo
openAccessUse of Lentiviral Particles As a Cell.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2017Use of Lentiviral Particles As a Cell Membrane-Based mFasL Delivery System for In Vivo Treatment of Inflammatory ArthritisRodríguez Frade, José M.; Guedán, Anabel; Lucas, Pilar; Martínez Muñoz, Laura; Villares, Ricardo; Criado, Gabriel; Balomenos, Dimitrios; Reyburn, H. T. ; Mellado, Marioartículo